5 energy-saving tips for your apartment

A growing concern about greenhouse gas emissions, the sustainability of natural resources and rising energy costs has caused more of us to look for ways to reduce energy use and develop more efficient habits at home. With Earth Day approaching on April 22nd, energy conservation is top-of-mind – what better way to celebrate Earth Day than with some energy saving tips.

Here are some tips for saving energy in your apartment. Some are easy-fixes and some are behaviour changes. If you don’t own your apartment contact your landlord regarding necessary repairs and costs if it’s not something you can or should cover yourself.

Seek out and seal up air leaks.

Leaky windows and doors, holes in the interior or exterior wall, floor or ceiling can contribute to a cold, drafty apartment! Repairing holes, replacing weather stripping, caulking open joints between windows, door frame and baseboards will reduce energy loss.

Fix leaky faucets and toilets.

A drippy tap wastes more water than you think! One drop per second will add up to 200 litres of water in a week! To determine if your toilet is leaking put a few drops of food colouring in the back tank. If the water in the bowl starts to turn colour it means you might need a new flapper.

Replace your old incandescent light bulbs with LED light bulbs.

The cost of LED lights is more than incandescent bulbs but you will save in the long run. LED lights use 7.5 watts of energy compared to the 13 watts used by regular bulbs, plus they last tens of thousands of hours longer.

Set your thermostat back.

Most people have their thermostats set for 22°C in the winter. Turn yours down to 20°C and put on a sweater. Turn the heat down when you leave the apartment or go to bed and you’ll see a difference in your heating bill.

Turn things off when you’re not using them.

Turn off lights, appliances and other electronics when you’re not using them. Many devices like your cable box or Xbox consume energy when on standby. Put all these devices on a power bar so you can easily switch them off when you’re not using them.

To learn more about Earth Day or to participate in an event in your area, visit www.earthday.ca.



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