5 reasons to buy a brand new condo

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There are many reasons to choose a brand new condo as your next home.

Decisions, decisions, – there are certainly lots of them to make when buying a home and one of the most significant is whether to buy a brand new home or a resale home. Last year there were more than 61,000 new home and condo starts in Ontario, and in 2014 Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. forecasts about 60,000 starts.

5 reasons to choose a brand new condo over resale:

Design The best brand new condo will start with with a great design, which in turn starts with an understanding of how people live in their homes. Times have changed. Families have changed and with that, our lifestyles have evolved. New-home builders offer fresh, innovative plans and designs that meet the needs of today’s consumers, using modern technology to build homes and condos that are attractive, highly functional and feel good to live in. These homes include efficient use of space, open layouts, plenty of natural light, functional kitchens, flexible space and of course, lots of storage – something that’s usually absent in older homes.brand new condo green livingEnergy Efficiency The energy efficiency of Canadian homes has improved substantially over the years. Thanks to major advances in building techniques and product innovation, today’s brand new condo owner owner can expect to use only half of the energy required to operate a similar home built in 1950, and at the same time enjoy a far more comfortable living environment. From windows and insulation to state-of-the-art heating and air conditioning systems, today’s new homes are superior when it comes to energy efficiency. And we can expect that advances in energy efficiency will continue to grow as the price of energy goes up and we, as a society, recognize our responsibility to conserve energy and reduce our own environmental footprint.Environmental Responsibility No doubt about it, a brand new condo is much more environmentally friendly than those built 40 or 50 years ago. Great advances have been made in developing and manufacturing building products that contribute to the Greening of Canadian homes and condos. Manufacturers and suppliers are continually looking for ways to make their products and systems more acceptable to today’s environmentally savvy customer.Safety In part because of changes to Ontario’s Building Code over the years, a brand new condo boasts many products and features that ensure your home is a safe environment. Whether it is superior air ventilation and heating systems, stair railings and risers built to code, improved electrical components, or products with fewer gas emissions, a new home is built to an always-improving building code. A newly built home is also inspected during various phases of construction, ensuring that it is built to minimum energy efficiency as well as code and safety requirements.brand new condo warrantyWarranty Program In Ontario, builders must be registered with the Tarion Warranty Program which offers one of the best, most comprehensive warranty coverage programs in the country. New-home buyers benefit from deposit protection and protection against delayed closings or occupancies without proper written notices. New-home owners are also covered against defects in work and materials, and major structural defects.The pluses of buying new really add up. A brand new condo offers advanced design, materials and construction techniques that provide buyers with a wide range of options and great value – something to think about when you are making decisions about the purchase of a home.


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