Cafe Cancan: Restaurant Redux

With help from designer and colour visionary Tiffany Pratt, Toronto French bistro Café Cancan (formerly The Harbord Room) underwent a fresh transformation – and we can’t get enough of the pretty space!

restaurant redux

Q. What was your inspiration behind the design?

“Knowing that Café Cancan was going to be a fresh new take on a French dining experience, I wanted the interior to follow suit. Incorporating colours and textures that might not have been considered together or within a fine dining space was my inspiration. I wanted it to be luminescent even at night, to give the guests a feeling of lightness. I wanted the textures to keep your eyes dancing around the room looking for treasures. But, most of all, I wanted to create the kind of room that you feel cosy in, one that inspires you and completes the feeling of thrill after the first bite of Chef Barry’s genius cuisine.” –Tiffany Pratt

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Makenna solid wood dining chair by AC Pacific.

Makenna solid wood dining chair by AC Pacific

Tiffany Pratt

Paint chip in Tawny Mushroom by Dulux.

Tiffany Pratt

Diamond point double old-fashioned glass

Tiffany Pratt

Heirloom 1-light bronze pendant light fixture.

Tiffany Pratt Ikea

Höstanemon cushion cover in multicolour

Tiffany Pratt CB2

3-piece trio vase set

Tiffany Pratt

Julian sofa in teal

TIffany Pratt

Laney accent table in yellow by Southern Enterprises


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