Drake building dream home in the Bridle Path

Drake has big plans for his latest real estate purchase in the Bridle Path neighbourhood – he will build an entirely new mansion from the ground up. According to The Globe and Mail, Drake’s plans for his new home include demolishing the current mid-century home that sits on the lot and building a 21,000-sq.-ft. mansion. The quaint, single-storey home that currently resides on the property was built in 1963 by Canadian architect James A. Murray.

The home is one of the few modernist designs in the highly-esteemed Bridle Path neighbourhood. Once Drake makes his mark on the home, it will emulate the other mega-mansions that surround it.

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The existing home at 21 Park Lane Circle (photo by Era Architects)

So what exactly does Drake’s dream home look like? The plans for the two-acre lot – which have been filed with the city – include a 44-by-94-ft. basketball court, a gym, a pool, a hot tub with a large TV projector screen in front of it, a bar, a music and screening room, a spa, a tub retreat with a massage room, a ‘snack lounge,’ and an awards room. There will also be an ‘artifact room’ and a jersey museum, which will likely showcase jerseys from the team he endorses – the Raptors.

The home was purchased in September 2015 for $6.7 million, under a numbered corporation based in Nova Scotia. Drake purchased the estate for $970,000 more than the previous owner, according to Toronto Life. The sheer size of the proposed mansions violates a number of zoning restrictions, so the next step is for Drake to keep his fingers crossed and hope he gets approval from the city.

Drake's new home will be located at 21 Park Lane Circle.

Drake’s new home will be located at 21 Park Lane Circle.



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