Q and A with Brian Brown of Lifetime Developments

The Greater Golden Horseshoe is one of the hottest housing markets in Ontario, if not all of Canada. But limited supply, rising prices and other issues are posing some challenging questions for homebuyers. For answers, we enlisted the help of Brian Brown, Vice-President, at Lifetime Developments.

NextHome: What differentiates your company from others in the industry?

Brian Brown: Our love for Toronto. Each of our development projects seeks to positively impact the local community and greater city while meeting the needs of our buyers. But it’s not just through our condominium projects that we make a difference.

In 2014 we established a charitable foundation called Lifeline as a means to help build healthier communities. Through Lifeline, we have made concerted and consistent efforts to donate our time and money to a number of causes that have an impact on Toronto communities, benefiting at-risk populations and helping bring about positive change.

NH: What is Lifetime doing to address housing affordability?

BB: Committing to building efficient suite layouts and smart designs. We push our design and architecture teams to deliver truly livable units, through floorplans that allow our purchasers to enjoy a big condo lifestyle at more modest price points.

At Lifetime, we recognize that the issue is partially one of supply: When there is not enough affordable product on the market, prices are inevitably driven higher. In response, Lifetime Developments has worked hand in hand with the City on several projects to ensure that our developments offer housing that appeals to a range of buyers.

NH: What can buyers look forward to most in one of your homes?

BB: Exceptional amenity spaces. We take great efforts to ensure a customized amenity program, unique to each individual site, that appeals to the lifestyle demands of the buyers while being influenced by the surrounding market.

At Lifetime, we understand that a condo lifestyle extends outside a purchaser’s unit and beyond their front doors. Delivering exceptional lifestyle and amenity spaces that are truly functional is vital to creating a truly fulfilled urban living experience.

NH: If asked by the next provincial government for advice on land supply and other policy issues, what would you tell them?

BB: That partnership and shared goals are the key. So much of our success at Lifetime Developments comes from our carefully considered relationship with the community. That same measure of communication and collaboration must exist between the City and developers. We need everyone to recognize that development and reinvestment in the city of Toronto is a positive and necessary thing, and that without it, supply will diminish and housing prices will continue to rise. We need to welcome and inspire the support and involvement of the private sector; their initiatives can have a profound effect, as seen in the evolution and revitalization of downtown Toronto. We must commit to working collaboratively in a continuous effort to build our city.

NH: What’s your advice for homebuyers?

BB: Before considering a condo in today’s market, take time to determine what matters most, and create a list of your “must haves.” Whether it’s price, location, architecture, design, or proximity to transit, universities or nightlife, know that the perfect condo opportunity for you will present itself.


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