Q and A with Fred Losani of Losani Homes


The Greater Golden Horseshoe is one of the hottest housing markets in Ontario, if not all of Canada. But limited supply, rising prices and other issues are posing some challenging questions for homebuyers. For answers, we enlisted the help of Fred Losani, CEO, at Losani Homes.

NextHome: For Losani Homes, 2017 was a year of…

Fred Losani: Discovery. There was a lot of movement within the housing market throughout the year. When the year began, supply could not keep up with high buyer demand. As prices rose and the market slowly started to correct, the landscape dramatically changed. I’m proud of how our team was prepared for and handled the transition, ensuring that we maintained our customer focus.

NH: And 2018 will be highlighted by…

FL: We will be opening new Losani communities in western Ontario, specifically in Paris, Brantford and St. George. Brant County has plenty to offer new-home buyers from both a value and amenity perspective. Paris in particular, with the Nith and Grand River, an absolutely charming downtown core rich in character, and its natural surroundings, is a draw for families
of all kinds.

NH: What differentiates your company from other builders?

FL: One of the things we’re doing is building fully accessible homes, including zero-entry doorways, wider doorways, roll-in showers and wheelchair-friendly kitchens with lower cabinets, and roll-under cooktops and prep areas. The majority of our designs can also accommodate elevators, and that includes our townhomes. Our program offers tremendous flexibility for individuals with mobility issues and their families.

NH: What is Losani Homes doing to address housing affordability?

FL: We acquire land for our communities very meticulously. What we do that most builders don’t is control the development process before construction begins. Doing so ensures that we are able carry out our goals of delivering homes of the absolute highest quality and doing so affordably.

NH: What can buyers can look forward to most in one of your homes?

FL: Quality workmanship, innovative interior and exterior features, forward-thinking design and industry-leading standards. Perhaps most importantly, after our customers move into their homes, they will receive attentive customer service. We value our homeowners immensely and strive to create the best possible all-encompassing new-home buying experience.

NH: If asked by the next provincial government for your advice on land supply and other policy issues, what would you tell them?

FL: Creating a speedier and more streamlined process at the municipal level would improve supply, helping to satisfy the demand for new homes across Ontario. The approvals process can get bogged down prior to development, and our purchasers and builders alike are negatively affected.

NH: Any advice for homebuyers?

FL: In today’s market, take the time to educate yourselves. Know what you can afford and budget accordingly. Defining your needs and wants ahead of time will put you in the best position to make the right decision from the get-go. Utilize the tools at your disposal and take time to visit decor centres or sales centres. The more you know in advance, the better the experience you will have. Lastly, whether it’s your partner in life or finding your perfect home, when you find what you’re looking for, stop looking and make it happen.


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