Renting? these are Canada's cheapest urban centres

We all know how expensive it is to rent in cities like Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary, especially those who live there! But what do we know about the inexpensive cities throughout the country? Where can we find rent dirt cheap without losing access to amenities and services and without living completely in the middle of nowhere? According to the most recent study conducted by the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), here’s where.

Corner Brook, Newfoundland

Bachelor suite: $484
One bedroom: $563
Two bedroom: $755
Three bedroom: $800

Welcome to the bustling city of Corner Brook, located on the beautiful west coast of Newfoundland! This little city is considered the service centre for the east coast, has plenty of recreational facilities, professional services, restaurants, shopping and according to the city’s website, employment opportunities.

Quesnel, British Columbia

Bachelor suite: $451
One bedroom: $557
Two bedroom: $642
Three bedroom: $798

The historic gold rush city of Quesnel is the central playground of the North Cariboo region. Outdoorsy folk congregate here for camping, hiking, fishing and skiing, and you’ll find all the regular amenities of a city of its size, which is approximately 10,000 people.

Winkler, Manitoba

One-bedroom: $514
Two-bedroom: $681

The CMHC report for Winkler showed no data for a bachelor or three-bedroom unit, but the one and two bedrooms are remarkably affordable! The little city is getting bigger all the time with an expanding manufacturing sector and strong agricultural presence.

Trois Rivieres, Quebec

Bachelor suite: $384
One bedroom: $447
Two bedroom: $571
Three bedroom: $618

Rent has actually gone up 1.3 per cent since the previous year, if you can believe it. Located between Montreal and Quebec, Trois Rivieres is a beautiful little city boasting century old buildings and a good selection of restaurants, bars and shops. Industry is being revitalized here and includes the manufacturing of electronics, thermoplastics and other goods.

The cheapest urban centre to rent in Canada is…

Bathurst, New Brunswick

Bachelor suite: $359
One bedroom: $458
Two bedroom: $592
Three bedroom: $648

Behold! Rent in the $350s. That would be a small portion of condo fees for a Vancouverite, but in Bathurst, is the very affordable cost of housing. It’s a very picturesque city on the harbour with an historic downtown and an active community. Industries include mining, fishing, forestry and tourism.


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