Retirement living options for your golden years

The baby boomer population is retiring, or have retired already, and are thinking about snow-birding to the south, downsizing, upgrading or moving into a retirement community. As this population of older adults emerges, so does the demand for quality senior’s accommodation. Fortunately, there are some appealing options out there.

Retirement living for snowbirds

A massive population of Canadian retirees head south for the winter. They stay in leased lots in RV parks and resorts, own a condo or have a mobile home in a retirement community in states like Arizona, California and Florida. You can too! Prices and location vary, but snowbird rentals are not hard to find. Ask a friend who heads south for a recommendation, do a little Google searching or get in touch with a realtor in your chosen location. Sites like, and are great places to start your search.

Retirement living community

Moving into a retirement living community does not mean you’re giving up your independence. Most Canadian cities have a wide range of 55+ retirement communities that could include luxury apartments, townhomes or duplex-style homes in a beautifully manicured complex or even detached homes in a gated community. They are available to rent or to buy. Retirement communities are not nursing homes, they’re usually classy complexes built for older adults who want to downsize without downgrading and who are interested in being a part of a welcoming and active community. Retirement Living Canada has a great search tool for those looking for independent living retirement communities.

Assisted living retirement community

It’s a difficult decision to make, but if you or your loved one is struggling to manage at home, there are many options for quality assistive living communities. Whether you might require very little assistance with daily tasks or at-home health care, there are some beautiful facilities that offer the comfort of home and that have the benefits of an engaging community, programs and services that will enhance quality of life. Most assisted living communities are available on a lease-basis. Here’s a great resource for those seeking an assisted living retirement community.


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