Strange lifestyle laws around the world

Across Canada, housing issues are currently top of mind, and while some rules and regulations might seem outdated or unhelpful, we generally understand why certain laws are the way they are. I’ve talked about pet laws across the provinces, taken a closer look at Ontario’s newly unveiled housing measures and tackled landlord disputes. For the most part, our laws don’t seem too crazy. Here are a few less conventional laws around the world that would likely affect your renting lifestyle.

In Germany: You can only play a musical instrument during set timeframes.

The Federal Court of Justice states that singing, making music or practicing your instrument in your home is only allowed from 8am to noon and from 2pm to 8pm. On the bright side, you know your upstairs neighbour’s noise won’t be a problem. On the downside, you’ll have to hope you feel most inspired in the morning and in the evening. The allowable amount of playing time also varies depending on the instrument.

In San Francisco, California, USA: If your view is disturbed by construction, you can apply for reduced rent.

If your beloved view of the Golden Gate Bridge or the waterfront disappears, you can take action. If a great view from your apartment was advertised as part of your overall deal, and it is later blocked by construction, you can apply to have your rent reduced.

In Ames, Iowa, USA: A man cannot have three sips of beer while in bed with his wife.

I discovered this law in The Daily Telegraph’s article about strange laws. This law wouldn’t just affect renters, but anyone living in a home with their partner. So, if you’re relocating to Ames, Iowa with your husband, make sure he stays clear of the bed if he’s sipping a beer!

In Oxford, Ohio, USA: A woman cannot undress in front of a picture of a man.

A rather inconvenient (and obviously outdated) law if you need to get changed – but only if you’re a woman and have photos of family and friends hung on your walls.

In Switzerland: Every citizen must have access to a bomb shelter.

In Switzerland, renters and homeowners alike need to have access to a bomb shelter. The country, which is known for its political neutrality, among other things (like chocolate and banks), has more bomb shelters per capita than any other country. They do, in fact, have enough shelters to accommodate the entire population.

In Kanata, Ontario, Canada: Purple garage doors are illegal.

I’ve suggested before that asking your landlord about painting is the best way to avoid unnecessary conflicts. But if you live in Kanata, it’s not just your landlord’s preference to steer clear of purple garage doors — it’s the law.

It looks like Canada is home to many strange laws. In Etobicoke, Ontario, you cannot have more than 3.5 inches of water in a bathtub. In Uxbridge, Ontario, it’s illegal to have an Internet connection faster than 56K. In Beaconsfield, Quebec, it’s illegal to have more than two colours of paint on your house!

Who knew we had such strong views about paint?


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