Tips for creating the comfiest corner in your home

The temperatures have dropped and the time change has made our days shorter – we are entering the (dreaded) winter season! If you’re like me, you want (need!) a cosy place to curl up, stay warm and survive the cold months.

If you want to create a spot to enjoy winter from the indoors, a place to pass the hours in comfort, a nook to go to when you need to forget what’s outside, I’ve got tips to help you create such a place. A place you’ll look forward to hibernating in!

I simply love fireplaces. I could sit and watch the flames dance all night long – there is such a calming effect to having a fireplace nearby, and all the better when you get added warmth from it. While not every space can accommodate installing a fireplace, every space can accommodate an electric unit.

It’s hard to believe the fireplaces I use are so portable and give so much flexibility. They look so real, give off heat, and add ambiance to any room. I used a compact stove in one nook and created a traditional mantel in another area. These, from Dimplex, were ready to go just by plugging them in. When it’s that simple, you can move them to another area for some cosiness (not that you’ll ever want to move it out of your cuddle-up corner!). Just look at how these nooks came together, instantly creating a place you want to be.

While a fireplace screams relief from a cold winter’s day or night, you can still create a warm and relaxing space without one. The cosy factor comes from having what you need surrounding you. Furniture is minimal. You’ll want a comfy place to sit – a big chair, a chaise or something bigger. Are you going to be enjoying this nook on your own or with the family? Choose seating accordingly, and add in a pouf or ottoman to ensure you can put your feet up and relax.

A side table is also mandatory. You need to feel snuggly, warm and relaxed, which means having a warm cup of tea or a soothing glass of vino nearby!

The accessories you choose are just as important. Faux fur throws and pillows give your space the cuddle factor and can incorporate an outdoor/nature feel. Touchable, cosy fabrics are important.

You don’t want to overdo it. If you’re looking for a cosy nook, sometimes less is more. You don’t want to crowd the space, but you can still incorporate some art. Pick what you love, from family photos to inspirational messages.

Something that is often overlooked, but I always suggest including, is faux plants. In the winter months we are all deprived of greenery but these zero-maintenance accessories bring the feeling of nature inside. I found some at Bouclair, along with a number of accessories that caught my eye.

When you are creating your own cosy space, why not match your pup’s cuddle zone to yours? I have a new line of dog beds that match my throw pillows perfectly. Now both you and your fur-friend can lounge in style on the darkest and dreariest of night.


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