Today’s new condos stand the test of time

Since the first condominium buildings surfaced in Toronto during the 1980s, things have changed a lot, from design to construction methods and materials. Back in those days, condos were essentially collections of apartments with maybe a pool or gym added to a poorly lit basement area. Yes, suite sizes tended to be larger than today’s units, but they included a lot of wasted space. Nowadays, the exteriors of many of these buildings look dated and tired. Today’s new condos, whether modern, contemporary or traditional in style, look beautifully timeless in comparison, especially with architectural controls in place to ensure that they fit well into their surroundings. They are also sturdier and will age much better than the buildings of yesteryear, thanks to the ever-evolving Ontario Building Code.

Our new condos are striking, from sleek glass towers to European-style brick buildings with traditional intricate masonry trim, and everything in between. Over the years, developers and builders have discovered which materials weather Toronto elements well. And keep in mind that landscaping plays a role in the lasting appeal of today’s condos. Usually, developers enlist professional landscaping architectural firms to design details and focal points such as courtyards and park-like grounds. Just as with lowrise homes, as the plant material matures, the value of condo properties is enhanced.

Savvy purchasers nowadays are interested in all aspects of condo design, and they demand the latest in construction techniques, features, finishes and amenities. They are also cognizant of environmental footprints. Modern condo design includes environmentally friendly elements that will help to carry these new buildings into the future in a more sustainable way than ever before. Developers and builders usually rely on third-party rating systems such as Energy Star for lowrise homes and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) for condos. It is only a matter of time until all condominium developers are building to the LEED standard.

As for condos aging well, let’s look at some of the amenities today’s buildings include. Lobbies are designed to reflect the exterior architecture so that residents feel “at home” as soon as they walk in. And forget relegating pools and fitness centres to the basement; in our new buildings, they are often situated on higher floors that receive generous amounts of natural light and provide striking views. You will even find some that open onto an outdoor sunning deck. Amenities that are really an extension of owners’ living spaces may include fabulous party rooms, games and theatre screening rooms, guest rooms and even virtual golf and pet spas.

Owning a new condominium brings with it many advantages, from warranty coverage by Tarion to being able to choose the features and finishes that turn your suite into your home. When you move in, everything is fresh and clean, and you enjoy the privilege of being the first to use your appliances and surroundings. Purchase new now, and in 10 years and beyond, you will remark on how well your home has aged!


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