Open your space with open-concept living

At Kalu Interiors, a common design request is for open-concept layouts. This trend first appeared in the 1950s and rose to fame in the ‘90s, when older homes with small rooms made way for more straightforward, sprawling spaces conducive to the flow of light, views and conversation.

To those hesitant of “open-concept,” it doesn’t mean “wall-free.” Privacy is vital to certain areas, like a bedroom or office. But for social spaces, the combined kitchen-living-dining area can be a great use of space. The secret to success is clearly defining each area’s function while maintaining a harmonious aesthetic.

In this home, the objective was a luxe yet modern open-living look. The kitchen offers precisely that. The cabinets are painted trendy grey, punctuated by gold-toned handles. Pops of gold also appear in the custom kitchen island and hood fan. The island defines the kitchen, with a quartz countertop in a mitred waterfall style.

Suspended overhead, an oversized chandelier adds presence but doesn’t overwhelm, with simple glass globes.

Not everything is open in this interior. A wok kitchen adjacent to the main kitchen is used for more substantial cooking and acts as a secondary kitchen while entertaining. Never let your guests see you break a sweat, right? The wok kitchen is also outfitted with a single-drawer dishwasher for added function.

Blurring the boundary between kitchen and living spaces, a display niche tops the upper cabinets, featuring some decorative accessories. Panelled appliances boast a “furniture” look that is seamless to the adjoining living area.

The formality of the kitchen is balanced by the casualness of the living and dining areas. The wallpaper is subtle, but adds a layer of character. Colours are airy and light, with quick hits of deep blue. The fireplace surround features a marble-look porcelain tile, lending a lovely focal point for the living area. The marble detail of the coffee and dining tables visually connects these spaces to the adjacent kitchen. The furniture silhouettes are casual, upholstered in velvet for a touch of formality to this otherwise laid-back look.

A stunning chandelier is used to define the dining area and a pair of skylights on either side of the dining table flood this open space with natural light, while further highlighting the dining area.

Some find the whole “open-concept” concept confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. With a little forethought to how to live in and use your home, plus the right design advice to bring that vision to life, each room can be clearly defined and used – even without walls separating them.


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