Cottage in the city - designer ideas!

Summer is in the air, and it’s time to update your decor! Designer Rebecca Hay offers her top picks for creating a relaxed cottage vibe in the city. Whether you have a summer home or want to recreate that holiday vibe in your own home, remember that when it comes to summer living, it’s all about relaxation, comfort and having fun!


The best way to create a summer retreat is with the use of white paint. Companies such as Para Paints have so many options for fresh yet warm shades of white – you can’t go wrong with any of them. If you paint your walls white, include colour through art, drapery and small accessories. The added pops of colour can add a playful touch to summer decor.

Wood details

I love to infuse wood details into my summer decor. The warm, inviting properties of wood help to balance all those white walls. It also adds an element of warmth and often history. When looking for wooden furniture, think pine – it’s synonymous with relaxed cottage style.

Blue accents

Adding blue to your decor is by far the freshest way to create a crisp cottage aesthetic. I love nautical navy but softer, more subtle shades of blue work, too. Layer in this colour with art, pillows and even lighting. Coloured lighting is a big trend that is popping up everywhere.

Vintage flair

Add vintage finds and family antiques for character and a relaxed feeling in your space. Summer is the perfect time of year to go to antique markets and wander around consignment stores to find the perfect vintage piece.

Au naturel

Fabrics such as cotton, wool and jute can add a relaxed feeling to any space. It’s okay if they wrinkle or aren’t perfect – that’s the idea! Jute rugs are fantastic and can withstand a lot of wear. Summer is a time for bare feet and shorts so keep in mind that it’s always nice to have natural materials to stand or sit on. A great cotton slipcovered sofa will make your guests feel at ease; they may not want to leave.


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