Beasley is a trendy, downtown neighbourhood in Hamilton bordered by the Canadian National Railway tracks to the north, Main Street East to the south, James Street North to the east and Wellington Street North to the west. One the oldest neighbourhoods in Hamilton, today Beasley is home to hip shops, restaurants, bars, festivals and attractions.


Beasley is an artsy downtown neighbourhood with a lot of bohemian charm. Beasley is home to singles, couples and some families, but is best suited to young people looking for a fast-paced, city environment. This busy neighbourhood is located in downtown Hamilton and is home to lots of unique shops and restaurants and is hub for arts and culture.

The Vibe

Beasley is known for its independent shops along James Street and local restaurants and bars. James Street North is a real gem and boasts many independent, local stores. The strip is becoming known as an affordable alternative to the GTA, and is especially sought out for its trendy, artsy vibe.

Meet the Neighbours

Beasley is a vibrant community with the majority of residents being singles or couples. The Beasley population is very socially active and has a growing arts and culture community. James Street North in particular is a hub for eclectic lifestyle shops, galleries, restaurants and more. Beasley is attracting more young people in search of an exciting community.

In the Area

James Street North is a bustling street with a great mix of shops, restaurants, bars and galleries. Beasley itself is very centrally located in Hamilton, and has access to major amenities. Beasley is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Hamilton and is becoming very well known for its arts scene.

Distance from City Hall

2 km

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Getting in and around Beasley is relatively easy. The neighbourhood is fully serviced by Hamilton Transit and multiple bus lines are accessible in the area. For those who travel via car, Beasley is in close proximity to major highways including the 403, which are accessible just east of Beasley via King Street West.

The Good, the Bad & the Rest

While many families choose to make their home in Beasley, some find that it might not be the right fit. Beasley is right downtown and has a real eclectic, bohemian feel to it. With lots of galleries, shops, restaurants and bars, Beasley tends to be more popular area among young professionals and couples.

Dollars & Sense

Beasley is largely a renter’s community with 75 per cent of residents renting property. Beasley is a very affordable neighbourhood with row houses starting in the 200s and a lot of live-work options for creatives and entrepreneurs. It’s a great option for those who love the action of city living and are searching for a reasonable price-point.

Neighbourhood Hotspots

The Green Smoothie Bar

The Green Smoothie Bar crafts nutritious beverages with your good health at heart. This is a great spot for those who are looking for a healthy snack on the go.

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Flagship Gallery

The Flagship Gallery Hosts an array of events, workshops, exhibitions and shows for children, teens and adults. Located on James Street North, Flagship Gallery has become a cultural hub to neighbourhood residents.

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Mulberry Street Coffeehouse

Mulberry Street Coffeehouse has become a neighbourhood favourite. While the café is known for its delicious coffee and espresso, it also serves some very unique baked goods and tasty sandwiches.

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Mixed Media

Mixed Media is a local art supply store in the heart of James Street North. They offer everything from cool art to unique stationary. Mixed Media has been a community favourite since 2005.

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The Ten Spot

The Ten Spot is a cool, quaint salon located on James Street North. The Ten Spot offers high quality services including manicures, pedicures, facials, waxing and more — all for a great price.

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