10 tips for creating a guest room in your new space

Hosting overnight guests isn’t always a walk in the park. Be they friends from out of town or close family over for a special occasion, creating a guest room can provide them comfort – and you peace of mind. Here are 10 tips to achieve both.

1) Size matters: If possible, choose a large bedroom – and more importantly, away from your private spaces. A room that is off on its own or even in another section of the house can assist with the different schedules you and your guests may have. If you can, designate another bathroom in the house as the guests’ bathroom, if their room doesn’t have an ensuite. This keeps the family bathroom free for your family to use and not impact your guests.

2) Door hooks: Adding these to the bedroom wall or on the back of the doors in the guest room provides a good space to hang wet towels, robes or even handbags and knapsacks.

3) Chest of drawers: Add this somewhere in the room, even if it’s in the closet. This is important for guests who are staying over for more than one night as they may not want to live out of their suitcase. If you don’t have the room, add a night side table with drawers, rather than doors, so this can be used for clothing storage instead.

4) Laundry basket: If your guests are staying for an extended visit, you may want to provide a laundry basket in their room. This can be a bin or basket that folds up so you can store it when not in use.

5) Closet hangers: Don’t assume the closet in the guest room has hangers! It’s sometimes the smallest things we forget, and this can be hard for a guest to manage without.

6) Fresh towels: Provide a stack of fresh towels and a bar of soap on a small stool or ottoman, or in another decorative way that makes a guest feel welcome. Adding a small card with a “welcome” note is a touch they won’t forget.

7) Bedside extras: A water pitcher and glass set is an important element to add to the bedside table, so guests can hydrate at their leisure. Adding a map or photos of the local area can also help long-term guests know where they are and what sites they can see, with or without you. Even a few gift cards for local restaurants as a welcome gift can be well received by those who will be staying for a longer visit.

8) TV: With cable, is a must for a guest who will be staying longer than a few days. This doesn’t have to be in the guest room necessarily, but it should be available to someone who wants to peruse the news or relax away from family.

9) Books and magazines: Including these in the guest room is a nice touch, providing a guest with some relaxing night reading before sleep.

10) Fresh flowers: And finally, for those who are nearest and dearest, you may want to add fresh flowers to their nightstand for when they arrive. This is a nice touch that reminds your guests that you are happy to have them stay with you.

Photo: Gillian Jackson (gillianjackson.ca), courtesy of Kylemore Communities (kylemorecommunities.com)


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