2020 decor resolutions

Stuck in a decorating rut? We hear you. Be resolved to follow these five decor resolutions for your best living space yet.

Mixing textures

Afraid of mixing textures? Don’t be. You can create a balanced look in any space by choosing different finishes on your decor finds. Think satin, velvet, wool, faux-fur and wood on everything from cushions to rugs, thus avoiding a sterile look and creating a custom, unique space. Sofa, table, chair, lamp, rug and wall art from Urban Barn.

Sustainable life

2020 is your year to live more sustainably. Little changes to your lifestyle can have a large impact on our Earth. Live Green: 52 steps for a more sustainable life by Jen Chillingsworth will inspire you to live a more environmentally friendly existence.
$19. Indigo.ca

Plant love

Do you covet your friend’s succulent sanctuary? It’s time to create your own plant family! Did you know that plants can provide a calmer space and clean the air? Those are just a few bonuses. Remember to choose plants according to your decor aesthetic and lifestyle (cacti if you are an avid traveller) and enjoy a little bit of the outdoors, inside. We suggest starting with one plant at a time. We love the way the plant pictured is incorporated with the decor. It’s the perfect shelfie. Jars, mugs, bowls and artwork from HomeSense. Homesense.ca

Pastel power

While dark and dramatic colours certainly have their place, pastel-toned hues help create a relaxed atmosphere at home, and who doesn’t need that these days? If you are a little skeptical, avoid painting your entire living room Millennial pink and instead, opt for decorative objects and textiles in softer shades to incorporate this look. Visto blush dinnerware. Crateandbarrel.ca

Local artisanal touches

Support local small businesses by shopping for decor and lifestyle products in your community. Not only is this great for the environment (smaller carbon footprint), it also allows for the flow of money back into the community, plus you can pick up some super cool one-of-a-kind pieces to furnish your pad! Solid, wormy maple dining table with satin poly finish. $1,500. Knottys.ca


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