4 moving tips to help you stay sane and save money

Whether you’re a student or young professional, moving is always stressful and that is why we’re giving you four moving tips to help you save money and stay sane. Finding a new apartment, condo or living space is usually a tricky endeavour. Scheduling a moving truck, booking a moving elevator and managing movers can be extremely stressful. But with some thoughtful planning and crafty tricks, it’s possible for even a newbie renter to successfully move their stuff with as little stress as possible. Here are some moving tips to help you along the way:


4.”Hire” movers through Facebook and Twitter

Sending a message on Facebook and Twitter is a quick and easy way to get the attention of friends who would be happy to help you settle in.

3. Use the “take, sell or giveaway” method

Sorting through your personal belongings can be pretty tricky. If you start sorting your items into “take” “sell” or “giveaway” piles a couple of weeks before, you’ll save yourself headaches and even make a few bucks in the process!

2. It’s all about the moving supplies

Doing things like stacking plates vertically, using blankets as bubble wrap or buying a giant roll of stretch wrap is cheap and easy. Renting a moving dolly from a local hardware store like Home Depot will also greatly reduce your workload and is an extremely cost effective option.

1. Planning

Although moving dates are hard to align, there’s a ton of loose ends you can tie up prior to your big move. Changing your mailing address, colour coding boxes and heading over to your new place a couple of days early are some things you can do that are sure to help you with your move. Packing overnight bags can also help you avoid many day-of obstacles.


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