Amy Sky & Marc Jordan - The law of attraction is working overtime

By NextHome Staff
March 07, 2019
Some 33 years ago, Amy Sky and Marc Jordan met in Los Angeles at the home of composer and songwriter, John Capek. Sky had recently moved there, and Jordan had been living in L.A. since 1977. "We were instantly drawn to each other," says Sky. "I thought Marc was handsome, charismatic and extremely funny. We just never seemed to run out of things to talk about."
Prague, 2014; Photo, Paul Eves
To stay fit, the couple enjoys cycling, hiking, swimming and practicing yoga together. Retirement is not in their foreseeable plans. In fact, Jordan has a new career hosting a radio show on Jazz.FM91 called Songs I Wish I Had Written. In addition, he is the chair of the songwriting department at Norman Jewison's Canadian Film Centre, and plays gigs with the quartet, Lunch at Allen's.Currently, Sky is making a new CD with her husband, who is the featured guest artist. Jordan is releasing his 16th CD called Both Sides, recorded with the Prague Symphony Orchestra. The couple is also working on a Broadway musical called Fly High – a love story between a circus performer and a rock musician who are trying to make their world a better place. "I love my life; I love my wife; I love making music," says Jordan.

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