Bright future awaits in Hamilton and Burlington

By Mike Collins-Williams
November 20, 2021

The West End Home Builders’ Association (WEHBA) – previously known as the Hamilton-Halton Home Builders’ Association – was formed in 1942 and is one of the oldest home builders’ associations in Canada. After the Second World War, the Baby Boom and the incredible rise in home construction brought immense growth to the Hamilton-Halton areas.

WEHBA has grown, along with Hamilton and Burlington, to become the third largest home builders’ association in Ontario, with members spread right across southwestern Ontario. For the past 80 years, WEHBA has been a strong supporter of existing and future homebuyers, representing the industry at all three levels of government and successfully advocating on behalf of consumers for housing choice, affordability and supply. In 2019, WEHBA was recognized provincially and nationally by its peers, as it received top honours for a local home builders’ association in Ontario and Canada.

Rapid population increases

Over the past decade, the Halton and Hamilton areas have been evolving. This is primarily due to rapid population increases, and to the growth the Golden Horseshoe will continue to see over the next 30 years. Hamilton is projected to grow from 584,000 residents today, to an astounding 823,000 residents by 2051 (an increase of more than 40 per cent). This increase in population means brand-new communities and housing opportunities in the region, as well as vibrant city centres with a growing variety of restaurants, retail stores and entertainment and recreational facilities. Downtown Hamilton alone offers tremendous business and career growth opportunities, and an unexpectedly high quality of life.

While both Hamilton and Burlington have become attractive places to work and raise a family, the recent and unprecedented spike in housing prices is making it difficult for the younger generations to settle and grow in these areas. The lack of housing supply and choice has unfortunately made the west end of the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area less affordable and unattractive to younger families.

WEHBA members – which come from all the different sectors of the homebuilding industry – are working hard to address these challenges. The association is working with our partners in the government more than and closer than ever, to ensure that over the long term, we will continue to provide young people the opportunity to call Hamilton and Burlington home.

Variety of housing options

Within the next five years, Hamilton is expected to develop and evolve even more, with the fully-funded – and soon to begin construction of the $3.4-billion Hamilton LRT. This will connect the city through McMaster University, the downtown core and Stoney Creek, connecting many of our residents to homes, jobs and greenspace. Hamilton offers a wide range of lifestyle opportunities, from downtown urban living and central historic neighbourhoods, to new vibrant suburban areas and quiet rural communities just outside the city. Hamilton and Burlington’s growth and rapid transformation has turned the heads of leading global companies and international investors who are looking to increase their business opportunities and engagement with top Canadian cities.

As our cities continue to grow and bring in talented young students, families and workers, the future is looking even brighter. With a wide diversity of complete, vibrant communities and a variety of housing options inclusive of all ages and budgets, the west end is truly the place to be!

About Mike Collins-Williams

Mike Collins-Williams, RPP, MCIP, is CEO West End Home Builders’ Association.

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