Chelsey and Neil find a new home at Tribute

By Susan M Boyce
April 16, 2020

There was one very simple reason why Chelsea and Neil purchased their brand-new townhome the same day they visited the presentation centre. “Tribute ticked all the boxes,” Chelsey explains. She smiles. “Once we move in this summer, we don’t plan on moving for a very long time.”

Putting down family roots

With the arrival of their first child, Jace, the couple realized they were outgrowing their current two-bedroom home in Langley. “We like this area and we’d been looking at new developments here for a couple of years. But at so many places, we discovered all the finishings we really wanted were extras — nice flooring, quartz counters, screens on the windows, a finished garage. At Tribute, there were no upgrades — it was all part of the package. And because we bought presale, we even got air conditioning.”

Clinching the deal was the amount of space they’ll be able to enjoy. “We thought it would be impossible to find something this large that we could afford,” Chelsey says. “We do a lot of things with family, and it’s not unusual to have 10 or 12 people over. Here, we’ll have three-storeys with a rec room and basement downstairs plus our own private backyard. It really gives you the feel of being in a house.”

Community feel

“Neil is also especially excited by the family-oriented amenities like the central courtyard and clubhouse — things you can actually use,” Chelsey says. “Where we are now, the community lounge isn’t even furnished and nobody who lives here ever talks to their neighbours. At Tribute, we expect it will develop into a real community very quickly.”

Add in Essence Properties’ reputation for quality, the neighbourhood’s walkability, and Tribute’s proximity to schools, parks, shopping, and the freeway, and it’s no wonder this couple is counting down the days until they can call the moving company.

Tribute is in Langley’s Willoughby neighbourhood. For information, visit

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