Condo living: A blend of public and private spaces

One of the many benefits of condominium living is the fantastic blend of public and private spaces, all under one roof. The concept of community is enhanced in a condo, where owners can retreat to the privacy of their suites or interact with neighbours. As residents go about their daily routines, they meet other people in the corridors, lobby, elevators and amenities – and it’s up to suite owners to determine their balance between social time and alone time. Some people, for example, like to come home from work and cocoon in their home, while others prefer to stop by the lounge for a chat, or change into a swimsuit and hit the pool.

Lifestyle is one thing the varied population of condo owners have in common – the freedom that comes along with having building maintenance taken care of for them. There’s also the joy of meeting like-minded residents right in the condominium at the fitness centre, billiards room, theatre or any number of other amenities.

Today’s developers and builders spend a lot of time designing attractive and flexible amenity spaces that offer both active and quiet atmospheres. These areas reflect the architectural style of the building. Whether the surroundings are traditional, contemporary or sleek and modern, amenities are as inviting as they are striking. And again, you decide when and how to use them.

A library, for example, may appeal to suite owners who want to sit and read the paper or relax in a tranquil, beautiful setting. A quiet nod and a brief hello may be all the interaction that person wants. Games, billiards and theatre areas, on the other hand, are often the scene of excited chatter and activity. Card rooms provide a great spot for Bridge-lovers to get together, and groups are usually looking for additional players. Most fitness buffs are creatures of habit and exercise the same time every day, so they meet up with others who do the same. Often a “hello, how are you” acquaintance blossoms into friendship. And working out while chatting with someone makes your exercise time seem shorter.

If you love to entertain, you even have the choice of how private or public you want the occasion to be. You may opt to have an intimate dinner party right in your own suite. Or for larger get-togethers, there’s the party room, where residents hold everything from baby showers and anniversary celebrations to Grey Cup parties. And if your condominium includes a rooftop garden and barbecue area, you can entertain your guests al fresco. Taking the concept of “home” even further, most condos are situated in amenity-rich neighbourhoods, so the potential is there for inviting other residents to join you for dinner, a show or shopping. Many condos also have a resident services director who organizes interest groups and outings.

And here’s a great idea – you can join the condominium board of directors to have a say in the everyday operations of your home, and to make new friends. Typically, board members become acquainted with as many residents as possible, and lifelong friendships can result. It can also be comforting to live in a building where neighbours are so accessible, should you need help or assistance with anything. Most people are friendly and kind, and the golden rule applies in a condominium as in anywhere else in life.

Condo living is what you make of it. The scope of interaction and joint activities residents can enjoy under one roof is remarkable. A condominium is truly the perfect blend of home and community.

Photo by michael davis-burchat via Flickr Creative Commons License


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