Condo upgrades: How a small investment can pay off

If you’re anticipating choosing the features and finishes for your new condo, know that many buyers don’t have to look beyond the builder’s standard features. Today’s “standard” appointments are anything but standard.

The features and finishes that come with today’s condo suites are far and above what builders offer south of the border. Buying new also brings with it the chance to upgrade the items that will make your home even more beautiful, comfortable, and potentially worth more on resale – if and when you decide to sell. Like what?

Hardwood flooring

Often an upgrade, but it’s worth the cost. It’s easy to clean, and your options for colours and textures is phenomenal. In an open-concept space, area rugs placed atop wood flooring are beautiful and help to delineate space.

Kitchens and baths

Time and again, they yielded the biggest return on investment in the long run. You’ll be amazed at the kitchen options available, which may range from paneled appliances that give them a furniture-finish look, to cabinetry with glass fronts for displaying distinctive dishes or glassware, quiet self-closing drawers, tall upper cabinets, extended islands, cornice mouldings and even wine fridges. When it comes to bathrooms, think “spa-inspired” upgrades like marble flooring, luxe rain-shower heads and soaker tubs. As for the rest of the suite, higher baseboards, built-in shelving – the list of possibilities is long and tempting.

Eco upgrades

Not only will they cut your energy costs, they will also help sustain the planet. Upgrades like natural stone countertops are both gorgeous and environmentally conscious.

Your options depend on your budget, and remember that you may be able to create your perfect surroundings with standard options. As someone who has travelled extensively, I can tell you that our local builders offer amazing choices relative to the rest of the world.

Do some research before your selection appointment to find out what’s new and innovative. When you sell someday, all things being equal between two suites, buyers will choose the one with better finishes.

Tip: If your condo suite is a stepping stone to another home someday, opt for neutral finishes that will make for an easy resale.


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