Condominiums are homes in every sense of the word

In the media, we read about new homes and condominiums, but the distinction is redundant. The term “home” is not exclusive to low-rise residences; condominiums ARE homes in pretty well every sense of the word. Yes, details of low-rise and condo ownership differ, but both forms of housing provide shelter and lifestyles in which owners (and renters if the owner is an investor) can thrive.

Physically speaking, today’s condos live much like houses do. Modern designs incorporate expansive windows, which bring in generous amounts of natural light to brighten the suites. New and innovative designs maximize space for the utmost in practicality. Realistically speaking, eliminating wasted space such as hallways and staircases can make a condo suite as spacious as a compact low-rise home. Loneliness is rare in a condominium, where neighbours live close by and faces become familiar in the various common spaces. On the other hand, your suite always offers privacy when you want it.

Then add amenities to the mix. Fitness facilities, party rooms, games rooms, pools, libraries, media rooms, lounges, courtyards, rooftop barbecue areas and the like are, in essence, extensions of condo residents’ living spaces. For example, there is no need to take up space in a room for exercise equipment when you have a well-equipped fitness area right in the building. Entertaining a crowd is easy when a condo has a dining room you can book. And amenities are cleaned, maintained and repaired by someone else!

Amenities are also gathering spots where residents get to know each other, because a condo is a vertical community. Residents also encounter their neighbours on a daily basis in hallways and elevators. Proximity means that condo owners tend to look out for each other, and of course, having built-in security measures in the building adds a priceless level of safety.

It is easier to get to know people in a condo, where even stepping into the elevator and saying “good morning” can start the process. I know people who have lived in low-rise communities for years and still don’t know their neighbours. Taking the concept of “home” slightly differently, when you buy new, you get to select the features and finishes that make you feel comfortable and “at home.”

“Home” is also determined by a condominium’s surroundings. By definition, with today’s provincial guidelines requiring developers to situate condos close to transportation nodes and local amenities, owners feel at ease and at home in their neighbourhoods. Whether a condo is set in a large urban city or in a master-planned community in the suburbs, residents have easy access to shops, services, parks, schools, entertainment venues and other amenities that help to make everyday life enjoyable and practical. Ownership of a gas-powered vehicle is greatly reduced, which is good for the environment as well.

Condominiums offer attainable price points, excellent locations, beautiful amenities, well-designed suite layouts, superb appointments and a convenient lifestyle. Across Toronto, the Greater Toronto Area and beyond, condos are fantastic places to come “home” to.

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