Create a desirable outdoor space for your petite patio

Kalu Interiors help you create the perfect outdoor living room for your small space.

With summer upon us, it’s time to start considering your outdoor spaces and expanding your living and entertaining from inside out. This is especially true when it comes to condos and townhouses – where space is at a premium. The main idea when creating your small space is to imagine your outdoor area as a direct extension of your interior living. The result? A perfect summer oasis!


The first thing you will need to determine is the primary function of your small space. Do you want to create an area for lounging, dining, entertaining, or even privacy from your neighbours? Once you have the focus of your space, you can start the design layout. We like to start from the ground up. A personal favourite of ours is using artificial grass or turf. In urban areas, where we typically find condos and townhouses, it can bring some greenery into an otherwise concrete jungle. Alternatively, interlocking wood tiles for balconies and patios are also a great solution.

Dining and seating

For small patio spaces, it’s always important to try and source double-purpose items. For instance, an outdoor chair with an ottoman can be placed against one another to create a lounger. Flexibility is key! In most cases, an outdoor tall bistro table (bar height) or small rectangular table will be the best fit, as they’re usually a smaller footprint, and help to maximize your view. Also, make sure the chairs or stools tuck nicely into the table.


When in doubt, go green! Choose a mix of pots and planters. Lush greenery and plants will be a great escape from your concrete surroundings. At Kalu, we like a combination of artificial hedges to create privacy and low-maintenance potter herbs, which can be useful for cooking in the kitchen as well.


Don’t be afraid to treat your outdoor area as you would your living room. There’s a wide array of “in-out” accessories and furnishings available at most outdoor suppliers. From outdoor-treated cushions to candles, lanterns, and even art, all of these items add an “indoor” look outside. Also, consider utilizing colours and accents on the exterior that you might find on the interior of your home for one cohesive look.

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