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The Ancient Greeks and Romans used aloe vera to treat wounds. In the Middle Ages, the yellowish liquid found inside the leaves was favoured as a purgative. As a herbal medicine, aloe vera juice is still commonly used internally to relieve digestive discomfort.

To use the gel of your own aloe, simply cut off a leaf. You will see that, depending on the thickness of the leaf, there is a translucent gel inside. You can rub it on your skin to relieve burns from the sun or the oven.

Aloe vera plants auto-propagate and grow new offshoots. When these are big enough, you can gently remove them from their mother plant in the early summer (including as much of the roots from the offshoot as possible) and plant them in a well-drained pot placed in bright indirect sunlight.



It’s not easy to make your aloe vera bloom indoors? ONly mature plants (at least 4 years old) bloom, so don’t expect too much from a small aloe vera plant. Give the plant as much direct sunlight as possible and some extra fertilizer every two weeks. Also remove all babies so it has more energy to put into producing beautiful flowers. If your ale vera still won’t bloom, simply enjoy the beauty and virtues of its leaves.


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