Creative, caring homebuying incentives in Calgary

Crisis inspires creativity. Calgary’s homebuilders certainly have responded quickly to the market implications of both of the COVID-19 lockdown and the ailing oil and gas industry. Many have instituted buyer incentives that try to alleviate the apprehensions felt by the homebuying public.

Many are offering numerous incentive packages to bolster confidence and set the buyers’ minds at ease about what may likely be the biggest purchase of their lives. Here are a few available in Calgary.

Avalon Master Builders

Avalon Master Builder President and CEO, Ryan Scott, tells Calgary New Home + Condo Guide that the new Avalon Cares Program they just launched has already been getting a lot of interest.

“We know these are uncertain times for homebuyers right now, and we want to make buying a new home more comfortable for you,” he says.

For a limited time, every ZEN by Avalon Quick Possession townhome comes with three months of free-living. That’s three months of free mortgage, utility and condo fees.

“We also understand how important and critical your down payment is to you and your family right now; therefore, we’re offering a six-month job protection guarantee on all new builds.”

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Excel Homes

Excel Homes is introducing their Reassurance Program for Calgary and Edmonton, which includes provisions for best price guarantee, an employment safeguard, and mortgage aid assistance.

“For over 30 years, Excel Homes has been a part of the Alberta community and we are committed to helping our customers, by making the experience of building a home as easy and as simple as we can,” Excel Homes’ marketing manager Kristina Plank tells Calgary New Home + Condo Guide.

She says the Reassurance Program is designed to give customers some comfort and a little more piece of mind when buying a new home. “While we are experiencing some unfamiliar times, we continue to support you in your home buying journey whether in person or virtually.”

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Homes by Avi

Homes by Avi launched their Purchase Assurance Program for their Edmonton and Calgary developments. It offers a job protection guarantee, a price protection guarantee, and a cash rebate incentive.

Alice Mateyko, President – Housing for Homes by Avi Group of Companies tells Calgary New Home + Condo Guide that the program sought to alleviate some concerns homebuyers felt in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are very much aware of the apprehension that a new home buyer would have buying a home in the current condition caused by COVID-19,” Mateyko says. “To address this, we have introduced the Homes by Avi Purchase Assurance program that will ensure the buyer has absolutely no risk committing to buying a new home from us. We are proud of this program as it provides a risk-free assurance to the buyer.”

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Jayman BUILT

Corporate responsibility has ever been the core at Jayman BUILT. That comes to focus more these days, as the award-winning builder offers to make it easier for buyers to own a home with a revamped website to launch soon.

“We offer our home buyers a number of online tools to help them through the buying journey, including access to virtual tours, images and floor plans on the Jayman BUILT website,” says Stephanie Myers, Vice President, Jayman BUILT “Given the need for virtual home-buying tools and online offerings, Jayman has made the decision to develop its online offerings with a new website set to be launched this summer.”

Lorne Rackel, General Manager, Broker, Jayman Financial, says they also have a program to help buyers save on deposits with a staggered payment plan.

“This program is designed to help people save their deposit of five per cent if they currently do not have that amount available. The customer would usually have a portion of the deposit saved but require a bit more time to save the full amount. The customer makes installments to Jayman BUILT to complete the deposit. Once the customer has paid the full amount and their last installment clears, Jayman BUILT will start the home construction.”

Shane Homes

Shane Homes takes a more comprehensive look with its Value Added Program that takes into account the entire homebuying process.

“We make it easy for buyers to buy a new home,” says Melanie Gowans, General Manager of Sales and Marketing. “With virtual buying options paired with keeping our sales centers open along with amazing prices and our Price Drop Guarantee. We understand buyers need a break right now and we will do our absolute best to help them get into the new home that fits their needs.”

Among the assurances of the Value Added Program is a price protection portion for homes bought before June 30, 2020. “If the base price drops on the model you purchased anytime during the construction of the home we will refund you the difference,” Gowans says.

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StreetSide Developments

StreetSide Developments has its three-point Peace of Mind program that offers three-months-worth of mortgage and condo fees, job protection, and free legal fees with their preferred mortgage provider.

“Living circumstances have changed and there are still people out there that need places to live, we want those people to feel secure in knowing that if work circumstances change we will help them and are there for them,” says Brett Papillon, StreetSide Sales Manager.

“Our intent is that this program will help our customers feel more confident in making their purchase with StreetSide. They need to know that a trusted builder partner is looking out for the them and their family’s best interest.

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Trico Homes

Trico Homes launches its Trico Cares Program that not only offers incentives to its customers but also offers support for the entire community.

“We feel very fortunate to live in such a vibrant and entrepreneurial city. With the Trico Cares Program, we wanted to show our support to our community and our homeowners and to let them know we are here for them through these challenging times,” says Wanda Palmer, Vice-President, Marketing, at Trico Homes.

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