Elite M.D Developments building a beautiful, sustainable Brantford

By NextHome Staff
October 02, 2020
On Friday, Aug. 21, 2020, Elite M.D Developments acquired the sale of the Arrowdale Municipal Golf Course in Brantford. "Our team is very excited about this unique parcel of land, and about the city of Brantford in general," says Kim Kopyl, vice-president of sales and marketing for Elite."We look forward to contributing to the economic growth of Brantford by providing affordable living and a platform to strengthen the foundation of community. Award-winning architects are currently bidding their design concepts to us for developing the 32 acres with approximately 300- plus singles and towns, alongside the 17-acres set aside for the city to develop into a community park. We have envisioned building affordable luxury homes, featuring contemporary craftsman exteriors, complementing the surrounding countryside."This is Elite M.D Developments' fifth development site in Brantford, in addition to eight other upcoming premier communities in Southern Ontario. Elite acquired Conklin Plaza, which offers commercial retail and medical offices. The Ambrose Condos at 401 Shellard Lane features an 11-storey condominium residence with curated amenities enveloping the outdoors. The Ambrose Condos will have spacious one- and two-bedroom suites in the city of legendary culture and ingenuity, surrounded by heritage parks, rivers and historical culture.Another exciting development coming soon, would be Station Sixty Lofts at 60 Market Street, where Elite will be restoring the historical train station existing there. Their logo gives acclaim to the esteemed station built in the 1800s which Elite respects and will be incorporating into their development, by utilizing the old train station as its lobby.Finally, 88 Birkett Lane, which is a collaborative community with LIV Communities, where together the companies are developing more than 300 towns. "Before developing any land, we strive to become experts in that region to best serve homage to the city we are developing, and to understand and deliver on the needs of our future homeowners," says Sam Sahki, co-founder of Elite Developments. "We are here to support the growth of Canada's sixth best city to live in and will offer quality homes at affordable pricing.""Our vision is to capture the historic ambiance, country charm and deliver a harmonious community with urban necessities," adds Hamid Hakimi, president of Elite M.D Developments. "We are humbled and honored to be contributing to the awareness of this beautiful city."

About Elite M.D Developments

Elite M.D Developments has built its foundation with 50 years of combined building experience. The company has attained a superior reputation in delivering premier residential and commercial properties throughout the Greater Toronto Area, Southern Ontario and Eastern Canada. Elite M.D Developments is the only builder in Canada providing a platform for medical professionals to be able to conduct their practices in well-built properties and opportunities to invest into real estate markets. It supports 150 medical practitioners at the 30 medical offices it has built.Residential properties at Elite M.D Developments feature a portfolio of high-, mid- and lowrise homes and master-planned developments. The company focuses on the most current technologies, with health, wellness and leading innovative features throughout, ensuring it delivers a sustainable product. This reflective precision is executed by a dream team of experienced professionals specializing in real estate, who deliver homes that are affordable and enjoyable, while maximizing value for investments in real estate.

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