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We went to the experts – executives at some of the top builders and developers in the GTA – to help answer what we think are some important insights that buyers would want to know. From his point of view:

Fred Losani, CEO
Losani Homes

My key advice to homebuyers searching for a new community and home is:

My advice would differ depending on the circumstance and stage of life of the purchaser. However, something that would apply to everybody, be it a young professional or empty nester, is to perform a comprehensive analysis of your financials ahead of time. Knowing what you can afford and more importantly carry without disrupting your quality of life while maintaining a savings strategy is critical.

The major benefit of purchasing a pre-construction home or condo over a resale dwelling is:

One of the biggest benefits to purchasing new as opposed to resale would undoubtedly be that your new home/condo comes with a full Tarion warranty, where as a resale purchase would not. Knowing you are protected by the Tarion warranty corporation for seven years offers prospective purchasers peace of mind that they have a governing body protecting their purchase and holding builders accountable. There are also cost benefits and an opportunity for personalization when purchasing pre-construction that would not come with buying a resale home.

Our top priorities when designing a new community are:

We always start by establishing our end users. We try to really get into their heads and ask ourselves what are their narratives? What are their names? Their jobs? By getting into the mindset of our prospective purchasers, we then can establish what will feature architecturally. When that analysis is complete, we then determine what they are looking for from an amenity perspective and the community conceptually will begin to develop an identity within itself.

As a builder of new communities in the GTA, we are most proud of:

Definitely our reputation. We have worked hard over our 43-year history to establish it, which goes hand-in-hand with our longevity in the industry. I have always been extremely proud of the fact that despite the success of our company, we continue to challenge ourselves rather than being complacent. I like to think that as our company has evolved over time, we have remained consistent when it comes to providing our purchasers homes of the highest quality and at a phenomenal value.

We give back to the community by:

We are extremely proud of the work that the Losani Family Foundation along with our partners WE (formerly Free the Children) have performed both throughout the greater Hamilton area as well as internationally. They include the construction and opening of an all-girls school in Western Kenya. Also, the construction and opening of several new classrooms as well as a state-of-the-art medical facility which will help service over 12,000 people deep in the Amazon basin in Los Rios and Modena, Ecuador. Also bringing new classrooms and a clean source of water to villages in rural India.

We can help alleviate the housing crisis in the GTA by:

Decreasing barriers through the cooperation of government partners to properly intensify opportunities would certainly go a long way in that. If obstruction were to be reduced by approving bodies, that would help increase the available inventory to the market which would help with affordability as well. Making land more easily accessible, specifically as it related to the green belt, I believe would go a long way as well.


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