Framing alternatives for your artwork

About five years ago, I came up with the bright idea to pick up something for my walls every time I traveled. Great idea, right? Art would cover my walls with travel memories and it would make for an interesting décor. What I didn’t think about was how hard it would be to bring artwork home on a plane or while road tripping. Needless to say, my idea was shut down pretty quickly. But, I remained confident that I would one day start doing this. So, when I went to Chicago a couple years ago, I picked up a beautiful print that I hoped to hang above my fireplace. It’s an unconventional size but I opted against buying the frame with the print since we were driving back…what a mistake that was. Custom framing for this piece was priced at more than double the cost of the actual print and its unique size made it difficult to find anything else. Luckily, I discovered some great framing alternatives that don’t break the bank and that are also useful if you’re just looking for a new way to hang things on your wall.

Use an easel

Granted this look isn’t for everyone because the easel will take up some space, but it adds personality to any room its in, and can help bring together the overall look and feel of a room too. Different easels work for different rooms, but generally speaking there is something for everyone.


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Use clips

This can definitely feel reminiscent of a dorm room if you don’t choose the appropriate clip or suspending material, but there are ways to make this classy, easy and unique. This works for prints, for photos and even for children’s artwork. You can hang clips simply with wire on a nice background or you can make a sort of frame-clipboard out of wood and take advantage of being able to change the photos you hang. You can also use an iron rod, string or even branches as the base for your clips and customize the look you want.


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Recycle an old frame or windowpane

If you have a vintage frame laying around that you can’t bring yourself to throw out, but that is collecting dust in storage, this is the perfect solution. You can utilize the clips mentioned above and hang a print it within the frame on the wall. Antique stores will often have old windowpanes for sale and they create a great vintage look when placed over a photo. Plus, they are normally quite big so it works well for large scale photos you might want to display in a unique fashion.


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