Fred Penner, Both he, and the cat, came back

By NextHome Staff
July 04, 2019
By Cece M. Scott cecescott.comFred Penner, started his career some 46 years ago. Initially, when he took to the stage, he considered himself an actor and a musician, and performed for audiences of all ages. "I didn't study music formally; it was more that I grew up around a wealth of music," says Penner. "My parents were into swing era and orchestral music, and my siblings played 50s and 60s music. This vast array of sound got inside of me and encouraged me to step forward and make a career out of music."
(Top right) L'Anse aux Meadows – Viking Landing, northern tip of Newfoundland. (Above) mycityphotos Canuck Place, Vancouver Group shot from Hear The Music album recording : Left to right: Fred, Hayley, Damien, Kendra, Danica. Back row: Ken Whiteley (producer), & Dan Wiebe (choral arrangements). Photography, (Group) Kendra Hope Photography; (Zambia) Damien Penner; (Viking Landing) Garry Tutte; (Vancouver) Leanne Zacharias
In fact, four of Penner's children, Damien 37, Hayley 33, Danica 30 and Kendra 27, are featured on his 13th award-winning CD – Hear The Music. All four had sung on previous recordings, and now return as adults. "There is nothing like siblings singing together. All four children are really good people, who care about others."Penner's songs may have grown in quality, and in depth, but his approach to performing hasn't changed. Fred Penner's Place sent a message of universality and inclusiveness, which still resonates today. "We need to feel compassion, to be connected – not put up walls between humanity," say Penner.With 100 tour dates in 2019, and a family movie in the works, relaxing isn't in Penner's near future. The cat is back, but thanks to thousands of Fred Heads, he never really left. 

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