Geranium makes water-saving a priority at Edgewood in Pickering

By NextHome Staff
August 31, 2020
Purchasers at Geranium's new home community Edgewood in Pickering will enjoy the water conservation benefits of having a Greyter Home water recycling system included in their home at no extra charge.Geranium is the first homebuilder in Canada to parcel this feature into the construction of an entire community. For Edgewood homeowners, this will mean reducing their annual water bill by approximately 20 per cent and, for a family of four, saving up to 30,000 litres of water in one year – an amount of water that could fill a 16-by-32-ft. rectangular swimming pool."Water is a precious resource and Canadians are one of the highest users per capita worldwide," says Boaz Feiner, president of Geranium. "At home, we use hundreds of litres of water daily by showering, bathing, flushing toilets, running dishwashers and washing machines. In 2013, we learned about Greyter's initiatives for the commercial market. Although there wasn't a residential system available in Canada, they were working towards changing that. Going forward, we decided to include the rough-in for a greywater system in our lowrise homes, something that would be much more costly to do if possible at all, once the house was built. By providing the rough-in, we are giving the owners of our homes the opportunity to buy and install a system when they became available for houses."Greyter's Home system captures and treats shower and bathwater so it can be reused for flushing toilets. The entire compact system is installed inside the home, requires only five standard plumbing connections and is easy for a professional plumber to install. Additional features are its superior, proprietary filtration and treatment process; low maintenance; low energy requirements; and comes with a touchpad controller that handles all aspects of the system operation and provides the homeowner with performance data, maintenance reminders and tutorials.Geranium and Greyter will share data collected from the Edgewood homes, with the City of Pickering and Durham Region. Geranium has been selected as the winner of the City of Pickering's 2019 Sustainability Award for its Edgewood

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