Greystone offers upscale, modern lifestyle in the heart of Cochrane

By NextHome Staff
September 16, 2022

Once in a while, a community development comes along with game-changing lifestyle potential, and this rare opportunity is now available in Cochrane with Greystone.

Greystone is the newest community to open in this quaint Western Heritage town just 20 minutes west of Calgary, and it promises to be something quite out of the ordinary.

Developed by Burnswest Properties, Greystone broke ground in the spring to bring an elevated, modern, family-friendly living in the heart of Cochrane. By taking advantage of its one-of-a-kind location at the bend of the Bow River on the southeast side of Cochrane just outside of its downtown, Greystone offers a fresh new take on the town’s already established countryside living charm.

Pre-sales are going strong in the community that brings together diverse home choices, inviting streetscapes, a community plaza and pond, a recreational park, and winding walk and cycle paths. It is connected to a river pathway network and easily accessible to commercial and recreation services including the Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre next door.

Josh Hagen, vice-president of development for Burnswest Properties, says feedback has been very encouraging since the launch, as people realize the tremendous potential to live a fulfilling lifestyle
in Greystone.

“Our location and vibrant mix of uses makes Greystone the ideal live, work play community,” he tells Calgary New Home + Condo Guide. “We are situated immediately next to downtown Cochrane, wrapped around the south and east by the Bow River and its river pathway system. Greystone is also connected directly with the existing 325,000 square foot Spray Lakes Family Sports Centre which is home to a variety of sporting opportunities and events.”

Every type of residential product type is available to meet market needs, including laned and front attached single family homes, duplex, street townhomes, stacked townhomes and higher density multi-family development. “Additionally, Greystone is designed to accommodate 15 employment related lots - including light industrial, commercial/retail, business/office, hotel/restaurants and a grocery anchored development,” he says.

Designed to add to Cochrane’s quaint small-town appeal, Greystone will include a “high street” that is envisioned to become the community’s commercial, cultural and social hub.

“The high street will bring residents, visitors, and businesses together. There will be a really well-done urban plaza area in the middle of the high street that overlooks the beautiful storm pond that will have multiple seating areas and pathways for people to enjoy,” Hagen says.

“We also anticipate a restaurant to have its patio integrate with this plaza area. Greystone will also offer an abundance of parks throughout the community — including a really special regional sports field that
will accommodate two full sized baseball diamonds and what we anticipate will be a number of pickleball courts.”

The first phase of 129 residential lots, an exciting urban townhome development, a six-acre grocery anchor site, and a new hotel partner are all planned in the first stage of development this year.“We do anticipate approximately 800-1,000 homes and north of 2,000 residents upon full build-out,” Hagen adds.

The builder group includes Douglas Homes, Green Cedar Homes, Prominent Homes, Rohit Communities for single-family homes; and Avalon Master Builder and Ocgrow Group of Companies will develop the multi-family site.

Showhomes will open early next year with the official grand opening scheduled for the spring. We’re excited to have an award-winning builder group and commercial partners to have placed their
trust in us and are a big part of what will make Greystone special,” Hagen says.

What makes Greystone extra-special is that it reclaims land previously used as a quarry, which speaks to its environmentally conscious design.

“At nearly 150 acres, it’s a huge piece - located in the heart of downtown Cochrane. Not many municipalities in Canada have this type of opportunity to redevelop this much land in the heart of their community and then to have those redevelopment plans embrace active living and connectivity to the existing built environment surrounding these lands,” Hagen says.

“Having previously operated as a gravel pit for some 50+ years, it will be pretty cool to watch these lands transition from that type of use to a beautiful, vibrant community,” he adds.

Greystone will be a haven not only for young families, but a wider demographic because of its convenient location and the lifestyle it offers.

“Our target buyers are likely to fall into one of three groups, if you will. First - young families are the primary target for Greystone. These buyers anticipate growing in the next five years, are likely relocating from Calgary, and are looking to put down roots in a community that allows them to conveniently commute to the City for work (or potentially relocating work to Cochrane); but be able to escape easily on the weekends. Nearby amenities and all the retail choices are strongly appealing from their existing urban lifestyle.” Hagen says.

“Secondly, we believe another buyer demographic would be established families with working parent(s) and active kids who are looking to upsize their home. Lastly — independence seekers/empty nesters — these buyers can be retired and smart-sizing, or younger and just starting out in their career and building their desired lifestyle. They value the ability to make their own choices for everything — from where to get physical exercise, who are they closest too, when are they able to engage in activities, and choice as to where to spend their finances.”

Burnswest Properties is intimately connected to Cochrane and cares about how the town is developed. “Jim Burns and his family have been directly involved in the Cochrane real estate marketplace for over 40 years. In 2018, Jim sold the Greystone property to his son Jeff who owned Burnswest Properties Ltd. Since this time, full visioning, planning and development approvals have been secured and initial phases of construction began earlier this year,” Hagen says.

“It is going to be a very special community,” Hagen says. ““The mix of uses, the densities and the vibrancy that Greystone will create for Cochrane is so rare and unique,” he adds.

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