In Conversation With... Kim Kopyl, Director, Sales and Marketing, Losani Homes

By Wayne Karl
December 04, 2022

We all know how important homebuilding is these days – to society, to the economy and to our everyday lives. It’s appropriate, then, to acknowledge the excellence of long-standing members of the industry – particularly those approaching 50 years in the business.

Losani Homes, based in Stoney Creek, is one such company. Founded by John Losani and his son Lino Losani in 1976, and later joined by younger son Fred Losani in 1985, Losani Homes has a long history of building not just prized communities in sought-after locations, but also quality craftsmanship and well-planned new home designs. Add to that the multiple recognitions for homebuilding, philanthropic efforts and even noted as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies… we’re wondering what the company can do for an encore.
As Director of Sales and Marketing Kim Kopyl explains, the answer is plenty.

Losani Homes is approaching 50 years of homebuilding… what’s the most notable change the company has experienced over this period?

Losani is constantly evolving and staying one step ahead of the industry, so when we are talking about change, it’s not just one radical step, it’s part of an ongoing process here. Our designs and materials are up to the minute, and our product mix has become more focussed on helping to create affordability. That’s definitely a shift to meet the needs of today’s homebuyer.

From a big picture point of view, two programs really stand out. Our Pronto Homes program is designed to get buyers into a home faster, with added extras built in, while still getting to choose much of their finishes and colours. We start building Pronto Homes before they are sold, and that lets buyers see the actual home before they buy. The result is that they can then move in as early as 90, 60 or even 30 days after purchase. It’s a perfect solution for a certain type of buyer.

A second program, one that’s far ahead of the industry, is our PreVu program, offering 3D virtual reality experiences of every Losani home. PreVu takes true-to-size blueprints and converts them to a 3D walkthrough. You can tour the home on any device – mobile, desktop, tablet or even in VR. Anywhere. Anytime. And it’s fun and easy.

Losani Homes is getting ready to launch a number of new communities. What’s in these new releases, and how do these homes differ from those available in earlier phases or other communities you have built in the area?

Some very important news we have to share is the release of The Premium Collection, by Losani. These are the highest level of the homebuilding art, tailored to the specific needs of the purchaser, situated in exquisite locations with sumptuous sized lots. These communities are set amongst picturesque forest and riverside locations and are quite appropriate for this elevated level of curated homes.

Woodview at Vista Ridge is a forest enclave in Beamsville, set in the midst of wine country, sheltered under the Escarpment with breathtaking, lush views all around. It’s the ultimate in wine country living, minutes from superb restaurants, wineries and shops, with the forest rising up the Escarpment literally in your backyard.

Riverbank Estates in Paris is a one-of-a-kind setting on a peninsula, wrapped on three sides by the Nith River and forest, just a stroll from historic downtown Paris and the Grand River. It’s an incomparable location, where we will be featuring the Premium Collection by Losani, with farmhouse-chic singles and a collection of townhomes.

Losani Homes will also be releasing in November, an affordable luxury smart-rental property in Binbrook – set to be the largest rental property in southern Ontario. It directly addresses the affordability crisis we are currently experiencing in Ontario, and Losani delivers this affordable rental product in five phases of residential rental towers.

You’re also launching Expressions in Paris, and SOHO in Hamilton… you don’t seem to be slowing down at all, when we’ve heard about other builders holding off on launches. What is it about Losani Homes that facilitates this?

We have a diverse portfolio, including rental, commercial, industrial and a robust residential portfolio featuring condominiums, townhomes, single-detached homes and master-planned waterfront communities. No matter what the market conditions are, we are constantly developing new communities.

One definite advantage is that we are developing our own land purchased many years ago, in incredible locations which enable us to offer homes at attainable pricing. We have a long history in the communities we build in, with a deep awareness of neighbourhood trends and opportunities. We’ve had the opportunity to choose premium locations near amenities such as universities, transportation and parklands when they were more affordable, and that value gets passed on to the homebuyer.

Another advantage we have is that the work is often done years in advance. Our Pronto Program is constantly starting new homes before they are sold, and that keeps costs down for buyers, and keeps our construction schedule working consistently and smoothly.

What is Losani Homes Pronto, and Homes on Demand all about?

Pronto is really all about “more features, less waiting.” With Losani’s Pronto Program, you can take possession in as few as 30, 60 or 90 days, thanks to accelerated closings. Pronto Homes are nearly ready for move-in, so you can see, feel and touch before you buy. Also, depending on the stage of construction (some are built to drywall stage; others are fully finished), you can personalize your home with finishing touches. What’s more, you’ll receive an excellent built-in builder discount, and lots of upgrades are included at cost. And finally, the price is guaranteed and the closing date firm.


& on a personal note

What are you most proud of over your career in homebuilding?

I’ve always thought outside the box to bring innovative amenities, features and finishes, elevated design packages or systems which engage the homebuying experience, to the forefront of the industry. My goal is to find creative solutions to customers’ needs that haven’t been met before.
I’m very proud of my industry involvement, to keep abreast of the marketplace and trends. I have served on the executive advisory committee for Ontario Home Builders’ Association for the past four years. Hosting their annual conference was instrumental in launching a charitable arm with the organization, and diligently working to advance the role of women in the industry. I’ve been recognized with more than 100 local, provincial and national awards, validating the hard work of my team, while incurring more than $5 billion in real estate sales over my career.

What makes it truly rewarding being in this industry, is that I get to play a role in the most important decision most families will ever make. We are not only building homes, we are building dreams and foundations for their lives to flourish in. There aren’t many careers that give you that kind of satisfaction. And at the end of the day, that’s something to be proud of.

What’s on your reading list these days?

When I have an opportunity to learn, it’s usually self-help and motivational content with audio books. Right now, I have a few books going. One is called Start With Why by Simon Sinek. Another is Robyn Sharma’s The 5AM Club. I’m also reading The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey. Highly recommend all of them.

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