Increase your ROI and enjoyment with an outdoor kitchen

The kitchen continues to be one of the best ways to increase a home’s value, but I don’t mean kitchens in its traditional form. A real estate analysis revealed that homes with outdoor kitchens sold for 25 per cent more than expected (source: Zillow, 2017). As modern homes get smaller, homeowners are increasingly focusing their attentions on the outdoors to make the most of every inch of their living space – inside and out. Here are some top trends in the alfresco culinary space, and how to achieve them.

Professional help

The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) report reveals that the majority of homeowners (84 per cent) use professional installers. Take a cue, and consider working with an expert from the get-go. A kitchen addition involves many moving parts. You can be sure there will be lots to think about, from functionality and durability to style. It’s best to leave it to an expert.

Get Back to Nature

Organic materials artfully blur the line between man and nature. But does stone weigh heavily on your mind and budget? Stone veneer is an economical solution, and a great finishing option for feature walls, fireplaces and water features. According to the NKBA report, when it comes to outdoor countertops, 57 per cent of homeowners choose stone.

Storage Rules

Take it from a designer: Achieving a “kitchen” feel in an outdoor space can be challenging – with emphasis on the need for storage space. Cabinets will take your space from “barbecue area” to bona fide “outdoor kitchen,” whether your outdoors is a balcony, backyard, or a desk overlooking the lake.

Tools & Toys

The modern outdoor kitchen is more than the barbecue and folding chairs that inspired it. Much like their indoor counterparts, outdoor chefs are all about their appliances. Seventy-five per cent of outdoor kitchens feature grills with extra burners, 57 per cent have warming racks, and 50 per cent have a rotisserie. For a truly decked-out outdoor entertaining space, look beyond the barbecue and consider adding a pizza oven, a meat smoker, an ice maker, a fresh-fruit juicing station, or beer dispenser.

The only thing better in a home than a fabulous kitchen, is one with two fabulous kitchens! When outfitted with the right elements for comfort and style, you can reap the rewards of an outdoor kitchen now, and when you decide to sell, it’s win-win.

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