Warm up your home decor

Winterize your living space with these great décor options from Kalu Interiors.

The crisp air and early evenings of winter lure us indoors to cocoon – we long to cosy up after a long day braving the freezing temperatures. When it comes to creating a warm and inviting home space during the colder months, we approach the task of seasonal decor as we would a wardrobe. Just as the weather defines the clothes you wear, so should it play into what you have in your home. By layering some key elements into your decor, your space will be as cosy as can be, regardless of the temperatures outside. Here are some of our favourite ways to crank up the heat, without ever touching the thermostat.

Accessorize in layers

Combine colours, patterns and various textures to lend your home a warmer overall visual impact. An area rug layered over a larger rug or wall-to-wall carpet creates a luxurious, “plush” effect. By much the same logic, double up on your cushions and throws, too. Sofas, loveseats, chairs and even a corner of the room can instantly become that coveted “cocoon” we all so desperately need.

Heavy fabrics

Heavier textiles are a great addition to the home when the temperatures fall. Think velvet, thickset corduroy, faux fur, wool and chunky cable-knit designs. Swap out your lighter bedding and use richer, heavier textural and weighted sheets, blankets, bedspreads and beloved accent pillows. Consider swapping out your window coverings with the change in seasons, too. While a second set of heavier fabric drapes is definitely a bit of an additional investment, it’ll be worth the spend and the benefits are twofold. You’ll create a warmer, cosier look overall in your home, and more substantial window coverings can help naturally regulate your home’s internal temperature, giving your utility bills a break.

Warm light

Believe it or not, the type of light bulbs you choose has a significant impact on the temperature of your space. The neutral option is called “bright white,” which is not quite yellow (on the warm side) nor blue (on the cool side). If you wish to warm up the look of your home, replace your bright-white bulbs with soft white ones, which are a slightly warmer shade and a very popular choice in living rooms and bedrooms, where a cosy ambience is typically preferred. With all light, we can’t stress this enough – use dimmer switches! We recommend putting a dimmer on every light. They are a great way to customize your home’s lighting, depending on the season, the occasion or your mood. Short of these no-fail solutions to winter’s worst misdeed, one of the easiest and cheapest ways to warm up your home is with good old-fashioned candlelight. When the temperatures drop, line your mantles, windowsills, shelves and tabletops with arrangements of glowing pillars and tea-light candles. Now, let’s not forget the obligatory PSA: be careful never to leave burning candles unattended. Or consider high-quality faux battery candles.

With Canada’s drastic swings in temperature throughout the year, it only makes sense that our homes adapt to provide us with comfort and style. With the right seasonal switch-ups, your home will be perfectly toasty, all year round.


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