Top 3 Trendiest Vancouver Neighbourhoods in 2014

Home to many vibrant communities, this list of trendiest Vancouver neighbourhoods in 2014 takes readers to some of this provinces tastiest, multicultural corners.

1. Kitsilano: Refurbished Hippie-Haven


When it comes to finding the trendiest Vancouver neighbourhoods, leave it to Generation X’s bohemian ancestors to set the stage. Referred to as “Kits” by the locals, Kitsilano is a bright and beautiful community that situates its residents alongside the coast of English Bay. Fitting for seniors, young parents and college students, one of the greatest things about Kitsilano is its all out ease of access to nearby restaurants, parks and beaches. Comprised of a real estate structure that is 89 per cent apartments, Kistilano has certainly come a long way from its counterculture roots.

2. Yaletown: Urban, upscale and hip


What was once an industrial area dotted with warehouses and rail yard has transformed itself into one of the trendiest Vancouver neighbourhoods. Yaletown has everything you need right at your doorstep, from fashion shops to hip restaurants and parks that offer a retreat from all the hustle and bustle. For all these reasons and more, Yaletown has become a highly sought-after neighbourhood in Vancouver, and as a result, has a hefty price tag. With an average housing cost of $718,000, Yaletown is considered one of Canada’s most expensive housing markets,

3. The West End: Urban Diversity at Its Finest


For a city with such a large geographic sprawl, it’s absolutely amazing to see highly diverse and hybridized communities like Vancouver’s West End in existence. Tightly packing together trendy nightspots, great restaurants and residents of all ages – Vancouver’s West End is an easy choice for this list of trendiest neighbourhoods. One of the greatest things about Vancouver’s West End neighbourhood is that its multicultural populace is directly reflected in its delicious cuisine: outstanding Japanese, French and Chinese are all tightly packed together in this queer friendly neighbourhood.


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