Elevate your kitchen with creative cabinetry

ELITE, AyA Kitchen’s new line of cabinetry, will give you major kitchen envy. Find out why.

Are you planning a new kitchen? As you put your design wish list together, keep in the mind that a kitchen that is functional to your needs will be a kitchen well used. AyA Kitchen’s newest cabinetry line focuses on what’s behind the door, to give you an organized, clean and useful space. Get inspired to integrate these ideas into your new kitchen space.

  1. Create a kitchen that not only looks great but is tailored to the needs of you and your family. Think streamlined and super functional.
  2. A pull out pantry makes looking for items so easy.
  3. We love the way this linen print looks lining the inside of the cabinets – an instant luxurious feel.
  4. An extra-large shelving area provides ample space to store items of various shapes and sizes. Lighting inside the cabinet elevates cabinetry to something special. “There are many creative ways to use lighting, downlighting, uplighting, side lighting, indirect backlighting, strip or round LEDs. Using it in unexpected ways like in a cabinet can add a lot of visual interest to the space,” explains Sandra Mendes, senior designer at AyA Kitchens.
  5. Matching drawer inserts to your cabinet colour will give your kitchen a cohesive, modern look – while keeping items organized.
  6. Keep your devices charged (and cords out of sight) with an in-drawer charging station. The drawer also comes with an optional lock to keep kids out. Genius!

For more information please visit ayakitchens.com.


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