A peek inside America’s most expensive home

Listed at $250 million, this mansion – called “Billionaire” – is currently the most expensive home in America. And it wasn’t designed with your average multi-millionaire in mind, but instead for a multi-billionaire homebuyer.

The home is the product of luxury developer Bruce Makowsky, who wanted to build a home that would suit the vast needs of a multi-billionaire. According to Top Ten Real Estate Deals, Makowsky discovered a niche in the market. While billionaires would gladly spend, say, $50 million on a mansion, multi-billionaires needed something more – they needed “giga-mansions.” Makowsky began his search for the perfect site and finally landed on the hills of Bel Air.

So, what exactly do multi-billionaire’s want in a home? The short answer: Lots of everything. The estate offers 21,000 sq. ft. of indoor living space and 17,000 sq. ft. of outdoor deck space. There isn’t merely one master suite, but two. And bathrooms? Well, there are 21 of those. The estate also has three gourmet kitchens, five bars and, to make it a little easier to get around the grandeur estate, there are two alligator-upholstered elevators. Let’s not forget about the chef, masseuse and five other full-time employees who work to keep the estate afloat – they live on site in a separate staff wing.

But that’s not all. Browse through the gallery to see all the amenities Billionaire has to offer.


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