From showroom to your room: Seaside by MOSAIC

New Home + Condo Guide: The four homes all had such different ambiances, right from when you walked through the door. Can you describe the different families you were designing for?

MOSAIC Design Team: We really feel there’s a home at Seaside for all family types – young couples, growing families and empty-nesters. Our Fuca series two-bedroom-and-den homes are the perfect starter home. Our Dixon three-bedroom-and-den and Elliot series four-bedroom homes are ideal for growing families, and our Masset series homes have a master on the main for easy living.

NHCG: In the first home, the accent colours and the art are very closely matched. Do you usually start by choosing the colours and then finding accessories and art to match? Or do you start with the compelling artwork?

MDT: Definitely both. We pick an overall theme for each home, and then will draw our ideas and inspiration from our travels or what’s latest in fashion and design. Our Fuca model home is a great example of this. We started with identifying key spaces that we feel make this home great. From there, we focused our attention on identifying where we can incorporate our overall theme throughout the home. Much of this is through paint and the colours of the accessories. It can be difficult to fill a full wall with personal photographs, so we wanted to show a blend of curated photos, prints and artwork to create an eclectic space.

NHCG: The second home has a very beachy, natural vibe, until you get to the over-the-top kids’ bedrooms. How did you achieve the cool submarine-themed walls in the boy’s room? Could this design be updated when the boy grows up?

MDT: As Seaside is very close to the beach and ocean, we had a nautical theme in mind. We installed some simple wall-panelling to the room, and then added bolt-like pieces to each panel to give the submarine look. We used a lighter taupe paint to blend everything together. This keeps the space bright, while still offering a rustic, submarine theme over a darker metal-grey colour. Once the little ones get older, there are some simple modifications we recommend to update the space: Remove the bolts and re-paint the room in a new colour. Of course, new furniture and accessories will be needed. A bigger bed and chest of drawers for storage could be added later on.

NHCG: The living room in the third home has an elegant, yet distinctly 1980s feel, with the brass accents, and the dusty pink and green wall treatment with the circular mirrors. What was the inspiration for this room? Are the 80s coming back?

MDT: We worked with some incredible designers on this home, and definitely feel bold patterns and colours are making a comeback. Our theme here was to create something elegant that feels rich and ornate but balanced, with clean and modern lines. Given this main floor is great for entertaining guests, we drew inspiration from some of our favourite restaurants and chic-bars and lounges.

NHCG: The lowest room in that same home has a combination bar/TV room/workout area. How did you so successfully integrate these functions into one room?

MDT: It’s a great space to fit both a TV room and workout area, mostly due to how large the room is. This room also connects to the backyard. Having a bar in the lower room makes for the perfect summer patio. It’s not often you get both an outdoor patio and deck space.



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