Kathleen and George discover their new home at Altus

Kathleen and George hadn’t planned to purchase a condo. In fact, George didn’t even go to the Altus presentation centre the first time his wife visited.

“I just enjoy looking at real estate,” Kathleen admits. “And since Baron, my brother, is a realtor, he always lets me know when there’s a new project. Besides, I’ve always lived in a house and the idea of not having grass under my feet when I step outside or having to take an elevator to the garage feels a bit disconcerting.”

But when she stepped into the Altus presentation centre, something magical happened.

“Relative to everything I’d seen in the market, this is an amazing value,” Kathleen says. “The suites are also larger than others in this area. I wanted at least 2,000 sq. ft. Ours will be 2,400, meaning we have plenty of room to hang my husband’s artwork.”

When Kathleen talks about their deck — all 1,900 sq. ft. of it — she lights up with enthusiasm. “I can still have a garden with a pergola and maybe a fire-bowl. We’ll be able to eat and entertain outside. And the view of Semiahmoo Bay is amazing.” Best of all, she adds that since zoning prohibits another, taller building in front of Altus, the couple will be waking up to the same dazzling view forever.

“I am so pumped about this,” Kathleen says. “It’s going to be a lifestyle change for sure, but I know in my gut that it’s going to be a fantastic one. I’ll still be able to garden, George will have space for his studio, and there’s even a doggy wash downstairs for our little guy. It will take a couple of years to build, but the wait is going to be so worth it.”

Altus will be situated on a sloped property in the heart of White Rock and overlooking the Pacific Ocean. For more information, visit altuswhiterock.com.


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