Lifestyle centres: the homebuyers’ best friend

By Pepper Rodriguez
May 04, 2022

Building a dream home takes more than wishful thinking. Figuring out the finishes that will ultimately turn a house into your dream home does take some work and effort. And in this pursuit the homebuilders’ design centres are key.

There was a time when - in order to find the right flooring, lighting fixtures, appliances, and more - buyers had to go all over town to find the right combination that would reflect their style.

Today, many homebuilders have simplified the process by providing choices for their clients in their design centres. These in-house facilities – usually located in the home offices of the builder – centralizes the entire selection process, creating a one-stop-shop where homebuyers can more easily find the combination of finishes that will complete their vision for their home.

Julie Punter, Homes by Avi’s Showhome Manager of Selections and Presentation, says their design centres are the best place to start when making a selection for big ticket items such as flooring or cabinetry. “Especially coming through the pandemic when customers preferred interior choices may be hard to come by. We’ve continually ensured that our inventory is up to date,” she says.

“The nice thing about making selections in our selection centre is that you have a designer to walk you through everything, so nothing is forgotten.”

This issue, we spotlight some of the best homebuilder lifestyle centres in town, the design process they employ, and some of the most popular design trends and materials.

Each one has their own unique methods to make their clients’ dream home become a reality, and we take a look at the processes employed by Brookfield Residential, Homes by Avi, and Trico Homes to turn what could be a stressful process a more fulfilling and even enjoyable.

Brookfield Residential

The Studio, by Brookfield Residential, is a 3,700 square-foot contemporarily designed space located at the headquarters of the renowned land development and homebuilding enterprise on Richard Road in southwest Calgary. Opened in 2017, the stylish, art gallery-like space continues to inspire all those who step inside.

“Our space makes inspiring, thoughtful and functional interior design accessible to all of our homeowners,” says Mackenzie Schurer, Interior Design Manager.

She says The Studio lets clients choose an array of selections within numerous interior finishing categories. And she means everything! From cabinetry selections, to flooring, plumbing fixtures and even window coverings. “Our offering allows for an incredible amount of personalization so that your home is a true reflection of your lifestyle.” she says.

“The selections process begins with appliances and moves on to cabinetry and plumbing. From there, we move to plank flooring, finishing millwork details, tile and countertops. Each stage of selection builds upon each other with the convenience of completing everything in one, beautiful and inspiring space.” Schurer says.


Homes by Avi

Homes by Avi realizes the crucial importance of designing a home to fit one’s lifestyle, and their award-winning, 6,000 square-foot Avi Definitions Selections Centre goes a long way to make that dream a reality.

Punter says now more than ever, coming through the pandemic, customers preferred interior choices may be hard to come by. They’ve continually ensured that their inventory is up to date to guarantee that their customers have the most selection available to make their home personally unique.

“Maybe you have a specific cabinet you like or flooring colour, from there I would build upon that adding in and layering the details,” she says.

With over 10,000 interior selections to choose from, Homes by Avi clients get to enjoy what can be an overwhelming process and find with ease the pieces that will work and tie together the look of their home.

Some of the included products are stainless steel appliances, quartz countertops to the kitchen along with a large selection of cabinet colours and Luxury vinyl plank flooring (LVP).

“We take a lot of pride in walking with our customers through the selections process to ensure their vision comes to life and they feel excited.” says Meagan Hayes, Interior Design Consultant. “Meeting in-person and getting to know each customer’s personality and lifestyles helps us navigate their priorities, which allows us to make recommendations over the course
of the design process so that they feel informed to make the best decision possible.

”It is important for buyers to know about the finishes that they are selecting and to ensure that it fits with their lifestyle - selecting between hardwood or LVP or between granite and quartz for an example- and our design team will ensure all their questions are answered.

Trico Homes

Trico Homes have been experts in finding homebuyers a new home, and now the renowned Calgary company has found its new home as well.

After more than 20 years at its old office in Beltline, Trico Homes has moved its headquarters to Kingsland Junction. They occupy a total of just under 29,000 square-feet of the first two floors of a six-storey building in a five-building complex. One of the most important aspects of the move is the ability to update its Accents Design Studio and give clients a more spacious, modern, and comfortable environment that they can choose their home selections in.

“The Accents Design Studio gives homebuyers a more relaxed and functional environment where they can choose the entire line of finishings for their home in a friendly, efficient manner,” says Trico Homes Director of Marketing, Glenda Schwartz.
Clients can make all of their personal selections for interior decoration and finishing, choose, compare, and engage with the many samples and products Trico has on display, which allows them the freedom to personalize their home to their style.

“From cabinets and flooring to plumbing fixtures and fireplaces, our professional Interior Designers will provide expert advice and recommendations every step of the way. Whatever your vision or your budget, we’ll guide you through the many decisions involved in the selection process,” Schwartz adds.

“We couldn’t be more excited about our new space. With the soaring ceilings and abundance of natural light we are taking the opportunity to maximize all of the benefits of our new space. It has been carefully planned and is a well-organized space with even more beautiful products to choose from. We look forward to providing all of our customers with an elevated experience.”

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