Losani introduces PreVu – revolutionary 3D immersive model home tours

By NextHome Staff
November 17, 2022

Losani has just made blackline floorplans a thing of the past. PreVu takes true-to-size blueprints and converts them to a 3D walkthrough of every Losani design. Instead of a top-down floorplan, you get to the experience of touring what the actual home will be like. Pull up any plan on any device – mobile, desktop, tablet or even in VR. Anywhere. Anytime. And it’s fun and easy.

“PreVu is a technologically advanced service created by Losani Homes that has completely revolutionized the process of purchasing a new home,” says Fred Losani, CEO of Losani Homes.

“When you think about it, pre-construction homebuying hasn’t changed in decades. Homebuyers make the largest purchase of their lives without seeing or walking that investment,” he adds. “Would you buy a car without seeing it or driving it? Why are customers expected to do so with a home? The most significant purchase of their lives shouldn’t be made blindly from black and white blueprints that can be extremely difficult to understand and visualize.”

“We identified a significant flaw within the homebuilding industry,” Losani says. “It’s impossible to truly visualize what you’re buying from a blueprint or blackline. As industry leaders, we challenged ourselves to offer a new purchasing tool and experience that the industry and our purchasers have never seen. I gave my staff the mission of creating software that removes the imagination and guesswork, instilling trust, managing expectations and allowing you to visualize living in the home of your dreams.”

“PreVu is a revolutionary Canadian first,” adds Director of Sales and Marketing Kim Kopyl. “It reinvents what was a confusing and overwhelming process and injects new-age tech to bring floorplans to life before your eyes. With PreVu, you can take a virtual walk through every model that appeals to you, with accurately-sized furniture that lets you explore how each home suits your style. You can see, feel and experience the flow of different home designs until you find the perfect one.”

“Walk through every room as if it’s already there,” says Kopyl. “Change the finishes with the click of a button and see what style suits you best. Snap a screenshot to share, or compare. It’s like being able to tour a model home of every single design and see every option of colours and finishes. Then save and share it with family. Take it to choose furniture.”


Seeing is believing. PreVu gives buyers trust and removes surprises. It takes the guessing out of the process so you can feel confident in your buying decisions. You can even visualize and walk a finished basement in the home you’re considering, plan for the additional family to stay, the man cave, the home gym.

You don’t have to buy in a crowd at a sale office, or model home tour. You can take as long as you like walking through the floorplans, not rushed or pressured by sales reps.

PreVu is fun and approachable for any age group. Homebuying decisions can easily involve the whole family. Show your kids their new bedrooms, your parents the suite you’re considering in the basement or plan your man cave. The most significant purchase of your family’s life should be a bonding experience, not a stressful one.

Technology has helped us in every aspect of life. Why not in your most significant purchase?

Blacklines are a thing of the past. PreVu is the future. A better understanding of what meets your wants, needs and lifestyle is crucial, and you should be confident in your decision for your family. Visualize your lifestyle now with PreVu.

“No other builder in Canada offers this next level service of a 3D virtual walkthrough of every home design,” says Kopyl. “No other builder lets you explore the whole spectrum of possibilities. Losani’s PreVU 3D virtual reality works with any computer or smartphone, but for an even deeper immersive experience we also have Oculus VR headsets and touchscreens here at our sales office. Or you can even use your own Oculus VR headset, at home. Either way, you owe it to yourself to see how PreVu changes everything.”

Where and when can you use a 3D digital walkthrough of your home?

Research: Before purchasing your home, you can narrow down your favourite plan(s) that meets your family’s wants and needs. Get opinions and approvals from friends, parents and family, no matter where they are.

Point of sale: Seeing is believing. Expectations are set, and with a clear understanding of the community, your lot and home, you can move forward with confidence.

Post-sale: Interior design planning, spatial planning, lifestyle planning – everything is easier to visualize with a 3D walkthrough.

During construction: You can shop early for furniture, artwork accessories.

After Closing: Reference your 3D model when shopping for furnishings, window treatments, or just as a reference while at your local Home Depot or Ikea.

To learn more about Losani’s breakthrough new PreVu virtual reality program, visit losanihomes.com.

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