Make the most of your windows

By Sara Bederman
August 29, 2019

Wonderful windows! Is there anything more welcome in a room? From a designer’s perspective, I doubt it. Windows become the natural focal point of any given space, as the source of light and views. In fact, when you ask people what they want most in a home, “windows” and “views” will often top the list. It’s easy to understand why. Let’s start with the obvious. Naturally lit spaces are more functional and “warmer.” Everything looks more vibrant and alive in the light of day. When you’ve got great windows, rooms appear larger – which bodes well for compact spaces. A window or two completely transforms even a small room. Windows these days come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs. Here are some things to think about to highlight your windows.

Finishing touches

Think of the window trim as the frame containing a beautiful piece of art. You want something that will complement the view, but also be a feature piece on its own merit. A contemporary trend is painting the trim work in a dark shade of grey or black, as an alternative to the traditional white baseboards, window and door frames. Also, consider your window dressings. Are you leaning toward contemporary shutters or blinds, or a classic curtain? When shopping, consider which type of window covering will best meet your needs for privacy, which will vary depending on whether this is a public versus a private space, like a bedroom or bathroom. Work with a knowledgeable company like Fieldstone Windows & Doors that can educate you on which materials for your window replacements are best to use; fibreglass, aluminum or wood.

Size and shape

As they say, go big or go home. If you’re adding windows, make them as large as allowed by the building code. Alternately, window walls have been trending for some time. This is a great way to maximize your views and natural light, and offer direct access to the outdoors. Ostaco Windows & Doors ( has a wide range of selections to choose from, to suit your home’s existing aesthetic – or to give it a whole new one.

Art and inspiration

If you’re graced with a fabulous view, why not make it something to be seen? Rather than hanging paintings or wall art that will compete with your windows, let the views do all the talking. You can take cues from those views to make a cohesive, harmonious decor statement. This can mean a marine-inspired colour palette, organic, “woodsy” textures, or an “urban-chic” aesthetic.

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