Making the most of your visit to condo sales centres

There is so much to consider when shopping for a new condominium suite. With condos being the preferred choice of most new-home buyers in the Greater Toronto Area, the options out there are beautiful and tempting. Of course, you want to know that you are getting great quality for your hard-earned money so researching builder-developer reputations is a great way to start. Visit the model suites in the sales offices and presentation centres in person, and when you do, make the most of the experience.

In these gorgeous models, you can explore the architecture, suite choices, building amenities, prices and builder’s reputation by looking through the materials provided. Take a closer look, however, at the details in the model, and you can get a feel for the developer’s design style and quality of finishes. In addition, you will pick up tips on decorating. Remember that developers and builders allocate substantial portions of their budgets to hiring designers for their interiors. These may be prestigious designers you might not otherwise be able to hire as consultants for your personal space. You may discover creative ways to place furniture to delineate space in an open-concept area, or unique methods of placing art to maximize viewing lines. A specific colour palette may appeal, or you could notice flooring or window treatments you had not considered before. The possibilities are endless.

Designer touches

When you arrive at your colour selection appointment, you’ll have a better understanding of what to choose to create the look you want, and here is another opportunity to make the most of the experience. A professional decor consultant will work with you to guide you through your choices. These professionals have an in-depth knowledge of what the builder-developer is offering in the way of standards and upgrades. They also have a finger on the pulse of design trends. Listen carefully to their advice and consider their suggestions. Of course, your surroundings have to feel like “home” to you. If you have certain furnishings you intend to keep, bring along photos and/or fabric swatches so your decor consultant can help you ensure a cohesive look. With the vast array of colours and finishes available today, that magic combination is there, just waiting for you. Some developers even offer a choice of finishing packages compiled by their interior designer.

Condominium suite owners also benefit from the interior designers’ touches in designing the lobbies, corridors, and even selecting suite features. Those purchasers reap the benefits of a professional designer’s eye for creating exceptional spaces that evoke the essence of the building and the lifestyle of those who live in it.

Have fun!

Dreaming about how beautiful your new suite will be is exciting. You can make that dream a reality by using every opportunity that comes your way to your advantage. Go into model suites and your eventual colour selection appointment with your eyes wide open. Find that balance between keeping an open mind and staying true to the design style that’s right for you. Oh, and have fun!


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