Making your master bedroom your own

Ah, sleep… Since the average person spends 25 years sleeping throughout their life, the master bedroom is where you will spend the most time in your new home. When you love your bedroom, you will sleep more peacefully, and generally be happier. Therefore, the master bedroom should be where you invest your first dollars in your new home.

Colour: When decorating your new digs, start with the colour. All builders have different rules pertaining to the paint they use in the house before handing it over. If given the opportunity, have the painters paint with the colour and paint you would like to keep. If you are forced to choose between several shades of “builder beige” prior to moving in, make sure painting the bedroom takes priority. To choose a colour, first decide what type of feeling you want the room to have. If you want to be dramatic, pick a bold, deep colour. If you are looking for a “peaceful getaway,” pick a calming blue or green.

Next is the bed: It is very important to invest in a good mattress. A continuously restless sleep can lead to so many negative detrimental side effects. Once this has been taken care of, is it time to tend to the bedding. Everyone has different needs when they are sleeping, some people like to be cool and others are always cold. Make sure you purchase sheets, duvets and comforters that will keep you comfortable while you sleep.

Now it is time for style: Depending on the budget, the bedding can be purchased or custom made from materials specifically picked to complement the paint and feeling of the room. This also gives a new homeowner a chance to purchase fabric for the window treatments.

Window treatments: Windows are another place that needs special treatment, especially in a new space. A good deep sleep often depends a dark room. Lack of light will send a signal to the brain to shut off and go to sleep. You can achieve this by using blackout blinds or shutters and then layering these with coordinating fabric that complements both the bedding and the wall colour in a style that suits the feel of the room.

Accessories: To finish off the new space, add artwork and accessories. This is where you will have an opportunity to inject personality into your new space. Look at accessories as the vehicle to really convey the feeling of the space. No matter what theme you are going for, accessories will carrying this feeling and create continuity throughout the space.

Once your new master bedroom space is finished, take the time to soak it all in and enjoy every minute of it.

Photo by Angela Jennings


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