New condos offer the high life in great locations

By Barbara Lawlor
March 16, 2020

As someone who has been involved in the new condominium industry for decades, I can tell you that the term “luxury” is relative. Frankly, compared to the condos in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area when I started in the business, all modern residences can be considered “luxury” and offer “the high life” in more ways than one.

Take location, for example. Nowadays, condos have to be situated where they can take advantage of existing and future public transportation access and local amenities. This is by design, according to Ontario’s Places to Grow Act. It is part of building “up” instead of “out” to lessen urban sprawl. The condo lifestyle is all about convenience, which is a type of luxury in itself, so this requirement benefits everyone involved.

Next, how about architecture? I mean, today’s new condos are breathtakingly beautiful, whether they are traditional, contemporary or modern in design. They are also built with the most advanced technology and sustainability elements. New condominium buyers reap the benefits of all of the advancements in the Ontario Building Code over the years as well. These buildings all look luxurious, and they will carry residents into the future in extraordinary style.

Oh, and remember amenities – those common areas that were once either nonexistent or relegated to dank basements? Nowadays, they are works of art visually, while being practical at the same time. Developers have worked hard to make these areas from fitness centres to lounges and rooftop gardens true extensions of residents’ living spaces.

Suite layouts are also beautiful and functional. From open-concept main living areas to linear kitchens and floor-to-ceiling windows, their designs are infinitely more appealing than they used to be, when seniors and empty-nesters pretty well comprised the condo market. Today’s buyers span the gamut from first-time purchasers through to families, in addition to older purchasers. All of these condo-buyers find life hectic and seek new homes that come without the time-consuming maintenance of low-rise living. Between that and low-rise prices skyrocketing them out of financial reach, people en masse are turning to condos as their new homes of choice. In response, condominium developers are providing styles, sizes and designs that satisfy every market niche.

And let’s talk suite features and finishes! We can refer to these as both beautiful and functional as well. Plus, many of the standard suite appointments included in the purchase price nowadays would have been upgrades in the past.

The fact is, today’s new condominiums are luxurious, whether people own a studio or a sprawling penthouse. It is a true luxury to have snow removal, grounds keeping and the repair and maintenance of common areas taken care of. That has always been a main goal for older purchasers, but nowadays, younger residents appreciate these services, which help them balance their hectic work, parenting and/or school schedules. It’s about lifestyle, and if you are looking for luxury, look up to a condo!

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