Plant Perfection - the new go-to design accessory

Floral designer Natalie Trivett, owner of Crowning Glory Decor, shares her top six house plants to help greenery your indoor space!

Plants and greenery seem to be everywhere these days. From living plant walls displayed in restaurants to tropical leaf print wallpaper and pillows in decor shops, plants are the new go-to design accessory. Wouldn’t you agree there is something so organic and soothing about incorporating natural elements into our living spaces? But, many struggle with cultivating their green thumb and worry about mass plant casualties. Can you relate? The key could be as simple as choosing the right plant for your lifestyle needs. Here are my top six low-maintenance yet wow-looking plants that your
home will love.

Details: Known for its beautiful, large, deep green leaves, it can grow to be quite large and act as a real focal point in any space.
Care: Needs bright light but prefers indirect light that isn’t too hot. Placing it near a window that has sheer curtains is ideal. Soil needs to be kept moist. Once soil gets dry, definitely water it. Periodically wipe the leaves of your rubber tree houseplant with a damp cloth or spritz it with water. Leaves turning yellow or brown? Then you need to reduce the amount of water to avoid over-watering.

Details: This plant is definitely trending. The bright green leaves and neat pruning techniques make this plant highly sought after and photogenic.
Care: Needs bright indirect light. Water your fig tree when only the top inch of soil is dry. It’s helpful to fertilize once a month during growing seasons (not during the winter). Periodically wipe the leaves with a damp cloth (some suggest using an oil, such as coconut, to maintain a shine on the leaves).
Buy: Specialty and boutique flower shops, such as or

Details: With its two-toned markings, interesting leaf proportion and durability, the snake plant is a great option for homeowners who want a great look without much effort.
Care: Needs indirect sunlight and not much water, especially during the winter. It’s best to let these plants dry out between watering. Fertilize once in a while. Very low maintenance and sort of indestructible!

Details: The large, stunning split leaves make this plant desirable and iconic!
Care: Needs indirect lighting (it’s best within five to eight feet of a window). Keep the soil moist and water every seven to 10 days. This plant does not like to be moved around, so let it grow and flourish in one area of your home.

Details: With some 1,750 known species, these unique-looking plants are user friendly and high on style for any space.
Care: Cacti are ideal in direct sunlight; south facing light is preferable. Water well when soil gets dry during spring and summer months, water less during winter months.

Details: Succulents have been trending for the last couple of years and continue to be an easy way to inject some greenery into a space.
Care: Just like cacti, succulents are ideal in direct sunlight. Water well when soil gets dry during spring and summer months, water less during winter months. They should be given just enough water so that they show no sign of shriveling (be careful of over-watering!).

Toronto-based designer Natalie Trivett loves to bring the outdoors inside through her stunning faux floral creations. By creating custom floral crib mobiles and floral centrepieces from the latest plant and flower trends, Natalie’s keen eye for design and style shines through. Visit or @crowningglorydecor


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