Petrie’s Landing in Ottawa by Brigil

Is your life going by in a blur as you rush from work to appointments, home to sleep and back to work again with no time for recreation or relaxation?

Having a healthy, balanced life is a goal we all strive for, and where we live is a major factor.

Imagine living in a home that was intentionally built to lend balance, connection and vitality to your life, with fast access to nature and the city so you can slow down and savour everyday life instead of running from one thing to the next.

Brigil’s new highrise condominium properties at Petrie’s Landing are just that, a truly integrated, active community in a spectacular, transit-oriented location in Orléans.

With tower II now complete and tower III in pre-sales, this development right next to the Ottawa River and the future Trim LRT station is attracting young families, empty-nesters and young professionals alike who are looking to simplify and enhance their lives.

If you’re tired of looking after a home, lawn and garden, moving to a maintenance-free new condo built to last with timeless, high-quality materials will have you spending more time relaxing with friends and family and out on the trails.

And when it’s time for a ski, run, swim or bike, Petrie’s Landing gives you unparalleled access to the Ottawa River and Petrie Island paths and beaches. By sponsoring annual cross-country trail grooming through Ski Heritage East, Brigil is making sure Petrie’s residents will always be able to enjoy outdoor activities year-round in a peaceful, restorative environment.

Want to go car-free or spend less time in traffic? You’re on major travel routes both in and out of town for weekend getaways. And by 2022, you’ll have next-door access to rapid transit to bring you downtown in minutes.

Or skip the trip and relax at home. Petrie’s Landing has all the comforts and amenities of a hotel: A gym, salon, spa, shopping, entertainment and dining. A lively resort-style rooftop pool and lounge makes you feel like you’re downtown without actually going there.

Petrie’s Landing also gives you that small-town feel, fostering a real community through a built environment designed to enhance interaction and connection among diverse generations. Because when we’re better connected, we’re happier.

And when you want to enjoy private, quiet family time, retire to your comfortable modern one- or two-bedroom living space with the latest home innovations and security, and watch the sun go down over the Gatineau hills.

Guiding Brigil’s new projects is its “Apogee” philosophy: That it’s never too early – or too late – to improve your quality of life.

An apogee is the height of achievement, and living at Petrie’s Landing helps you reach that summit. You’re free and inspired to pursue your profession and your passions without getting sidetracked by the time-consuming minutiae of life. At Brigil’s Apogee properties, life unfolds at the pace you set.

Petrie’s is part of a community forming around a rapid transit hub, including office and commercial development that in the future will allow many residents to work close to home.

For now, the community continues to grow and units are selling quickly. Tower II is 80 per cent sold based on December 2018 occupancy. Tower III is 90 per cent sold with occupancy set for fall 2019.

Find out more at or call 613.824.4059 to make an appointment to see Petrie’s Landing today.


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