Q and A with Christopher Wein of Great Gulf

The Greater Golden Horseshoe is one of the hottest housing markets in Ontario, if not all of Canada. But limited supply, rising prices and other issues are posing some challenging questions for homebuyers. For answers, we enlisted the help of Christopher Wein, president of Great Gulf Residential.

NextHome: For Great Gulf, 2017 was a year of…

Christopher Wein: Significant growth, as our strategy included acquisitions in both Canada and the U.S. In Toronto, we acquired the Gehry residential highrise project at King and Duncan, the Silos on the waterfront, tower sites at Yonge and St. Clair and King and Spadina, and more suburban lands in the 905. We also completed the iconic One Bloor.

NH: And 2018 will be highlighted by…

CW: Construction of several tower projects, including Home at Power and Adelaide, 8 Cumberland in Yorkville and 357 King Street West. We’re continuing with new housing phases in Milton, Brampton, Bradford, Oakville and Holland Landing, and launching in Whitby.

NH: What differentiates Great Gulf from other builders?

CW: We approach construction with the mindset to manufacture and assemble. This includes a more sophisticated approach to design and engineering. Our platform starts with computer-generated, 3D design. This allows us to understand every system and component, and correct any issues well before we start building. We can build your new home using our proprietary H+me Technology system, which includes a large automated, robotic plant, ensuring precision engineering and assembly. For highrise construction, we operate a fully integrated BIM laboratory, ensuring that our buildings are developed to the highest standards.

We are also a fully integrated developer, managing all aspects of development in-house. This includes land development, product design, sales and marketing, construction, service and warranty and property management.

NH: What is Great Gulf doing to address housing affordability?

CW: We’re offering a variety of homes and condos in all price ranges. We also consistently invest in R&D to create improved efficiencies, higher quality and ultimately better value for our customers.

NH: What can buyers look forward to most in one of your homes?

CW: Value! With our modern and computer-assisted approach to construction, they are getting a better built, higher quality home or condo that will serve their needs for many years to come.

NH: If asked by the next provincial government for your advice on land supply and other policy issues, what would you tell them?

CW: Let’s work together as a thriving, essential industry that not only provides homes and shelter for Ontarians, but also employs tens of thousands of highly skilled, well-paid workers. It is only by working together that we can solve the difficult and dynamic supply and demand economics that we face in Ontario. We can better understand ways to incentivize developers to create more affordable housing solutions and to manage the precious land supply. Policy makers can also learn about new technologies and more sustainable building practices to ensure a prosperous future for all citizens.


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