Reviewing the Blueprints – a look at the past and future of National Homes

By NextHome Staff
January 10, 2022

As a developer dedicated to meeting and exceeding the needs of future communities, the strongest mark of success is in homeowner satisfaction. In the past year, National Homes has enjoyed notable success across a multitude of elements, including communities, initiatives and philanthropic causes.

Its most recent community, The Vale, launched in Courtice this summer to resounding enthusiasm and rapid sales. According to the Trimart Monthly Housing Report for August 2021, The Vale was not only rated within the top three sites for sales volume, but took the top spot as the best selling community in the east. From the most reliable report on the market, this achievement makes a strong statement for the success of The Vale, which has since completely sold out.

YOUprint survey

Having always been in close contact with its communities to continue to learn and adapt to the needs of families, National Homes is a long-time proponent of workshops, focus groups and bright new ideas for modern living. But in 2021, the company did something different. Since we can’t all get together to brainstorm innovative ideas, National created a new YOUprint survey – building off its iconic “Blueprint” branding – to engage with its communities and learn exactly what homeowners really want.

With the participation of more than 400 homeowners, National shone the light on the priorities of our communities. The highest choice, at 79 per cent of participants agreeing, is a desire for a home with full Smart Security options.
Unsurprisingly, a separate office space was also near the top of the list, for those working from home during the past two years and who will continue to do so in the future. This trend of remote work has also created another visible change – many families are considering moving farther out of urban centres in the next few years, seeking more space, more opportunities and a healthier lifestyle.

This is a priority seen more and more, as people seek connection with the things that truly matter. Access to greenspace, walking/biking trails and outdoor space were all highlighted as things homeowners are seeking in their next home. These are all elements National Homes has thoughtfully built into many of its communities, selecting beautiful locations near protected greenspace, where residents can get out, enjoy the fresh air and interact with their environment. And with the strong emphasis on these priorities, this is a factor National will be taking into consideration long into the future as a key part of their iconic Greenprint Initiative, which focuses on sustainable practices, natural connection and energy efficiency.

Incredible growth

In the past year, National has seen incredible growth that led to brand new opportunities. Though known for its inspiring work on family-oriented lowrise communities, National is spreading its wings and launching into an exciting new venture – National Developments, a brand new subsidiary of National Homes, designed to enter the realm of condominiums.

This new company will give National Homes the freedom to branch out into a whole new market, providing beautiful homes for even more people across the GTA. To kick off this exciting endeavour, National recently announced its first upcoming condo community.

Scheduled to come to Brampton in 2022 is Duo Condos, a vibrant new highrise located by Hurontario Street and Steeles Avenue West, bringing the best of modern living to this up-and-coming area, from the combined efforts of National Developments and Brixen Developments. This exciting new project is designed to meet the needs of homeowners by providing high-quality homes in a highly commutable, livable neighbourhood surrounded by shopping, dining, prime highway access, parks, schools and more.

You Are the Blueprint

Most remarkably, Duo Condos will be located just steps from Brampton Gateway Transit Terminal, providing unparalleled access to a wide range of transit options. From the future Hurontario LRT to GO, Brampton, MiWay, and Züm, this is a buzzing hub of opportunities, ready to take you anywhere you need to go. Whether it’s a commute to work in downtown Toronto, a trip to Pearson Airport, or a stop at one of the GTA’s prestigious post-secondary institutions, Brampton Gateway is your starting point.

National Developments continues the motto of its parent company – You Are the Blueprint. This guarantees future homeowners that Duo Condos will be just as personal, intuitive and beautiful as each one of National Homes’ premier communities. Packed with innovative features, sustainable options, and high-quality features, Duo is set to deliver the best of National Homes, augmented by Brixen’s expertise in condo development. Coming early in 2022, Duo is set to shake things up at National in the best way possible.

With another new community coming to Mississauga in early 2022, the much-anticipated release of Whitehorn Woods, a collection of elegant townhomes nestled next to nature, exciting things are on the horizon for National Homes. The company’s remarkable success across 2021 has set it on the path towards a strong start in 2022, with the promise of an amazing series of opportunities across the GTA keeping the interest of the Real Estate world.

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